There are several places to eat in downtown Monticello, Indiana but we chose Abe’s Pizza for a very good reason.

Word on the street said that Abe’s Pizza is the place to go. One mention of the soft and delicious breadsticks at Abe’s and we were sold!

Abe’s Pizza in Monticello, Indiana

Abe's Pizza in Monticello, Indiana

Abe’s Pizza in Monticello, Indiana

While this pizza shop wasn’t hard to find, it is right on the main square in downtown Monticello, parking sure was!

After a few trips around and around thanks to one way streets, our own confusion, and my uncanny knack for pointing out open parking spaces after we had already driven past them (yeah, my husband, Jeremy, just loves that) we finally found a spot to park.

We got inside, placed our order, and had a seat in one of the booths. We weren’t alone. Some local officers were also enjoying a big slice of the ‘za. The kid was in awe and hardly took his eyes off of them.

Indiana Pizza Parlor

We started with an order of breadsticks. We had heard that they were to die for. Whoa, baby, was that ever true!

Being a bit of a baker myself, I often have trouble finding places that meet my standards, that I don’t think I could top. Those breadsticks were soft and fluffy and just plain incredible!

I have yet to meet another like it. Forget chain restaurants–this Indiana town has the right stuff.

As for the pizza? Pepperoni, of course! It was everything a pizza should be but usually isn’t.

Go There

You know it’s good when everyone (including the kid who is NEVER quiet) becomes completely silent after that first cheesy bite!

We’ll play around with other flavors the next time we head to Monticello, Indiana–and there will definitely be a next time!

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Abe’s Pizza
207 North Main Street
Monticello, Indiana 47960

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