Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana

Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana

I am very happy to report that Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana not only met but exceeded my expectations!

Just outside of Monticello, Indiana, this animal haven lets you get mere feet away from tigers, bears, wolves, and the cutest little silver fox, to name a few.

Great Cats in Idaville

I’m not talking about one or two animals–there are over twenty tigers alone, for a grand total of 55 rescued exotics!

These animals weren’t former circus stars. While a few have been birthed at Great Cats of Indiana, most of these exotic animals were illegally purchased by people who thought it would be a brilliant idea to keep a Cougar, a Siberian Tiger, a Wolf, as a pet, somehow not realizing that a 700 lb tiger is not your typical house cat and that, just maybe, they won‘t play so nice with Fido and Fluffy.

Now, Great Cats doesn’t possess manicured lawns, snack bars, or souvenir penny machines.  But what you will find is the most up close and personal you have ever been to a wild animal in your life.

Exotic Animals in Monticello

Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana

Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana

What’s more, you can see and even hear the affection these animals possess for their caretakers. Ever heard a lion make a happy noise? How about a tiger? I saw one wolf (Eclipse) literally jump up and down. I had no idea they could do that!

During my time at the sanctuary, the lion started to roar. Suddenly, the lioness jumped up from her nap and joined in. It was the kind of sound that gives you goose bumps. I’ve never heard anything like that before and, given my location in Indiana, I probably won’t hear a pride roaring together again.

I saw a tiger stalk his brother in play (and one that stalked me!  Ah!) as well as an extremely rare lion, the very, very large Barbary Lion, the kind of lion once hunted by Romans for use in The Coliseum. At Great Cats, he goes by “Charlie,” loves to be talked to, and is one of only 97 left in the world.  His great, furry paws are each about the size of my head! I admit I would have liked to see this guy in a sunnier, larger space.

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Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana

Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana

Here is where you come in. The staff are fantastic and really care for these animals (and love to talk about them). Great Cats would love to be able to expand and improve upon the pens, get more toys, supplies, and all those things that go hand in hand with such a massive operation.

Help Great Cats boost the quality of life for their feline (and otherwise) charges.  Head on over to their site and consider a donation of time, supplies, or money. Think about “Adopting” one of Great Cat’s critters and rest assured that your funds are going to a great cause: Great Cats of Indiana in Idaville, Indiana.

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