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Marcella’s Pizza in Wheatfield, Indiana: Yes, Please!

Wheatfield, Indiana: Marcella's Pizza
Wheatfield, Indiana: Marcella’s Pizza

When you find good pizza like at Marcella’s Pizza in Wheatfield, Indiana, you just have to share!

No one could have been more surprised than I was when I took a look at Marcella’s Pizza menu.

Marcella’s Pizza in Wheatfield, Indiana

What a great selection! Spinach, Tomato, and Garlic with Alfredo Sauce Pizza, Garlic Shrimp Pizza, and even a Philly Cheesesteak Pizza are just a handful of fun flavors found on the Marcella’s Pizza menu.

This small Indiana town pizza shop even has deep dish pizza! How ever does a pizzaholic decide? She leaves it up to her hubby and hopes for the best.

We got the Spinach, Tomato, and Garlic with Alfredo Sauce Pizza on a thin crust and ordered a 7” Sausage for the kid. We had to have a side of their famous garlic rolls too.

Inside Marcella’s Pizza

There was a coloring book and crayons for the kid, though the fun decor of the place kept him entertained for quite some time!

Airplanes, blimps, and I don’t know what all hang from the ceiling. The walls are covered in travel-related items like luggage, chintzy plates, postcards, and posters. Don’t worry–it wasn’t obnoxious like at those big box chain restaurants with the too-loud music.

The kid refused to touch the garlic rolls (he was in quite the mood that day) but they were pretty good. I scarfed them down and longingly gazed at what hubs hadn’t finished. He wasn’t moved.

Pizza at Marcella’s Pizza

Wheatfield, Indiana: Marcella's Pizza
Wheatfield, Indiana: Marcella’s Pizza

Then came the pizza…wowza. It was a thing of beauty. A more sensitive soul may break down in tears after sampling this stuff.

Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, but I ate an embarrassingly large amount of this pizza. It was just. that. GOOD! Like, craving good, even! I sampled the kid’s (all in the name of research, I swear!) and it was yummy as well. He definitely enjoyed it, grading it “delicious.”

Oh, and for all you cold pizza lovers out there…the Spinach, Tomato, and Garlic Pizza was still very good after a night in the fridge. Bonus!

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Marcella’s Pizza
3854 W State Road 10
Wheatfield, Indiana 46392

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  1. When in Wheatfield, stop in a Schnick’s for a meal, not to be missed.

  2. I LOVE Marcella’s! Their garlic rolls are delish, and I can make 4 meals out of their small Chicago-style mouth watering pizza.

  3. Jessica Nunemaker

    There’s *nothing* better than a good slice of the ‘za. Thanks for the note. ;) Glad you found me.

  4. OMG! ALL OF THAT PIZZA IS JUST MAKING ME SOO HUNGRY! I would climb up any mountain and swim over any ocean to get myself that nice, juicy piece of PIZZAAAAA.

    Thank you for the post, and illustrating it with such delicious pictures.

    Btw I found your blog on BlogCatalog! :) Im sure to visit your blog more often because I also bookmarked it !

    Keep on writing,

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