You probably know that the Jackson family were Hoosiers but did you know the Jackson’s also had a variety show? Me neither. Apparently all the siblings (except for Jermaine) were involved. Apparently Jermaine was contracted to Motown at the time and could not legally participate in the CBS production. It must have been rough to see your family all together and to hear their stories and not be able to be a part of it.

But Jermaine Jackson didn’t miss out on too much. The thirty-minute show only lasted for twelve episodes before it was cancelled, becoming a part of TV history. It aired in 1967-1977. Although the show didn’t last very long it did attract quite a few high-profile guests like Sonny Bono and Tina Turner. David Letterman, Dom DeLuise, Betty White, Lynda Carter, and Redd Foxx also appeared on the show. As you can see, for such a short-lived series, it really attracted some names! It also has been said to be the first variety show that featured performers who were also all brother or sister! But as we all know, it definitely wasn’t the last.

Even then you can tell that Michael Jackson could really move! Is this high energy or what? Interestingly enough, due to Michael Jackson’s recent death, there is even a movement to get it put back on the air! Only time will tell if this show becomes a regular rerun rotation or not. Until then, you can view a clip below featuring the song Going Back to Indiana. You have to admit, it’s kind of catchy!

Gotta love that 70’s orange! Watch The Jacksons perform Going Back to Indiana below.

The Jacksons: Going Back to Indiana

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