Wheatfield, Indiana

Wheatfield, Indiana

Wheatfield Indiana is very spread out. The “true” downtown area is a cluster of half a dozen buildings that include a restaurant, a gym, and a daycare.

Although they are tucked away in the oldest part of town, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your while!

Wheatfield, Indiana

You can easily get there if you keep your eyes peeled for surrounding streets like South Bierma or South Main Street.

Although Wheatfield, Indiana probably won’t be your sole destination, it does make a great place to stop for an afternoon.

It would certainly make a nice place to stop for something to eat and to do a bit of browsing!

Restaurants in Wheatfield

Downtown in Wheatfield, Indiana

Downtown in Wheatfield, Indiana

There are several area restaurants in and around Wheatfield. A rather surprising number, really, when you get a feel for the town.

Most are your standard burger with fries, American-style (whatever that means) fare. They are also very good. At least, the ones I’ve tried so far! As much as they bear a resemblance to each other–each one is unique and has something special to bring to the table. Literally.

Somehow, they are all located at quite some distance apart from each other. There’s Luke’s Kitchen, Schnick’s Good Eats, and Marcella’s Pizza to name a few.

Always make sure to ask what on the menu is homemade–because that is definitely what you want to be ordering!

Roaming around the town, you’ll find a smattering of one-of-a-kind shops, which I love. Used clothing, flowers, even electronics. I just can’t pass up a good deal!  Really, it’s almost a sickness.

Your Turn

So, what brought you to Wheatfield, Indiana? Did you discover something that I completely missed? Do tell! I make return trips.

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Wheatfield, Indiana in Jasper County

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