Nappanee, Indiana Downtown

Nappanee, Indiana Downtown

Nappanee, Indiana is an amazing small town. Charming and well-kept, it’s small town living at its best!

Arriving into town after dark, this small Indiana town was all aglow. I fell in love! Bricked streets, a brightly lit downtown, and many old, wonderful buildings…just fantastic.

Nappanee, Indiana

We enjoyed walking around downtown and peeking in all the shop windows. All the stores were long since closed for the night. Still–what a fun selection!

While toodling around the town, met a very nice woman in town who volunteered to take us around Nappanee in the morning and give us an up close and personal tour of the Old Order Amish area.

Only in a small Indiana town would someone offer to cart around a couple of strangers and not think twice about it. How amazing is that?

Amish Country in Nappanee, Indiana

The next morning she picked us up from The Victorian Guest House.We saw so much!

There’s more to the Indiana Amish than horse and buggy. We toured an Amish General Store full of bulk foods, bakery items, and cheese, as well as Amish schools and homes. We learned so much about the Amish in the area from someone who actually knows the families! It was a real eye-opener. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Nappanee actually has a few claims to fame for such a small town. For starters, as you may have figured out already, Nappanee has a large Old Order Amish population. It’s the biggest in Indiana, don’t’cha know. It’s also the largest producer of RV’s (that’s Recreation Vehicles for all you city folk) and kitchen cabinets. little Indiana could so use one of those!

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With such great little shops in downtown Nappanee and the Amish businesses dotting the area it makes a great place to play. We can’t wait until we have the chance to return!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Nappanee, Indiana in Elkhart County

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