I read a lot of blogs, a lot a lot of blogs!, and happened upon this post: Support our Troops for Christmas and knew I had to share.  Right now, Xerox (you know, one of the world leaders in the printing business) is offering a free printed postcard to be delivered right into the hands of our troops overseas that includes your choice of personal message.  How awesome is that?  The Ultimate Sacrifice

I married into a military family: hubs was third generation Navy (a Nuke) on the USS Abraham Lincoln .  My father-in-law is about to go back to Afghanistan (which was completely unexpected and very fast).  Believe me when I say: I know the toll a deployment can take on BOTH sides.

Hoosier or not, little Indiana is all about community and togetherness.  This season, why not try to pass on the Christmas Spirit to someone who is so very far from home (and probably feels it now more than ever), even if just to say, “Thank you!”