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Morocco, Indiana in Newton County: Quiet Streets

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County
Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

A faded sign boasting the birthplace of Major League player Sam Rice welcomes you to teeny tiny Morocco, Indiana.

Morocco, Indiana is also the oldest town in Newton County.

Newton County: Morocco, Indiana

Morocco is very quiet, which is understandable–the population is barely over 1100 (as of the 2000 census).

Sadly, the small downtown had more boarded up buildings than I like to see, interesting buildings though they may be.  Check out those tiny details like the scroll-work that jazzes up the edges of some buildings. Very nice.

There wasn’t too much going on in the tidy downtown, but the surrounding neighborhood surprised my husband and I with gorgeous Victorian home after gorgeous Victorian home. What fantastic examples of Victorian architecture!

Sure, some of them could use a little TLC, but oh the potential! Anyone else redo homes in their heads?

An Indiana Town

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County
Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

To find things to do in Morocco, you would have to branch out from the downtown, heading back to the highway area.

Still, close to the highway, we saw a couple of restaurants, a lounge (which is different from a bar, exactly how?), and a pizza place or two. That was about it.

Heading out, we did come across a funky sign boldly proclaiming: Treasures Too. Even from the road I could see that the windows were crammed with stuff! Okay, things just got a little more exciting now, don’t you think?

Morocco, Indiana Shopping

Look past the sagging carport and U-Haul ads (they apparently rent them there) at Treasures Too and instead take in the beaded lamps, lovely glassware, spooky dolls*, and loads of children’s books in really great condition.

If my husband, Jeremy, had not been with me this time I would have bought a cute, CUTE set of sundae glasses…but he was. It’s true: I have a “thing” for vintage glassware.  Really I do not need them but…they had polka dots!

Okay, back to Morocco!  I’ll admit it was a bit sad to see the downtown looking so faded. I really hate seeing neat old buildings fall into disrepair and I sincerely hope things turn around for this small Indiana town.

Go There

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County
Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

Yes, there’s interesting architecture. Let’s hope that some folks get busy and put this one back on the map!

*Sorry, I am just NOT a doll fan, probably due in part to the 1987 movie Dolls. I found it absolutely terrifying back in the day, a fright that was surpassed only by The Gate and The Blob.

Agree?  Disagree?  Was there something I missed?  Am I off the mark about Morocco, Indiana?  Please, share your opinion in a comment below.

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Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

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  1. Good to know! It’s great to hear a town working on revitalizing! I’ll have to add Mel’s to my list. I love Italian Beef Sandwiches! (and pie) :)

  2. Jess, there is a pool, like spencer parks. And a friend of ours met a girl who was part of something that wants to help “rebuild” the town…she needed to talk to me, I’ve got tons of ideas. We have been looking to buy a home here. There are lots of kids and hear its a great place to raise a family. Ate Mels last night. Best Itialan beef sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. My hubs loves the pizza…and yummy pie! Hoping this town will thrive again! ~S

  3. Jessica Nunemaker

    Exactly! Yes, I’ve met Tim before–small world. :) Thanks. I’m eager to check out Mel’s and The Greenspot!

  4. I’ll second what Jill #1 said about Mel’s. The dots are delectable. My other Mel’s favorites are their cream soups, the pork burger, and if I’m feeling healthy, their chef salad. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in our little town. There are some very dedicated people trying to bring back business (lookup Tim Storey from Morocco Repair and Restoration) but it’s hard to get people out of their, “I’m going to Walmart anyway” mentality. Everyone does know everyone which is always a double edged sword but people are friendly, house prices and property taxes are very reasonable, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Stop by on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. That is the day of the annual Homecoming festival and you’ll see small town America at it’s finest. Any other Sunday is fairly sleepy as is any other day unless you stop by The Greenspot. It’s our version of a country store since our bigger grocery store closed/burnt. It’s where the locals hangout and where we can do a little bit of shoping while we visit. You can even get your hair done in the back room. :) Only in small town America.

  5. LOL! Well, I’m glad to hear you still have good childhood memories!

  6. Trust me…I grew up in Morocco… The buildings looked like they do now. LOL.. It was a great place to grow up

  7. Jessica Nunemaker

    LOL! Seven kids? I guess you would kind of stick out a little when you go out to eat. Ha ha! :)

  8. Yes you do!!!!! They only make them after 11a.m. when they turn the fryer on….lol…Tell them the crazy ppl with 7 kids that come by for breakfast on Saturday mornings sent ya!

  9. Jessica Nunemaker

    Someone just sent me an email not two weeks again stating that I absolutely HAD to try Mel’s! It’s definitely on the list (there’s nothing like breakfast out). :)

    I will try the dots…but I doubt I’ll share! Ha ha!

  10. you obviously did not have lunch at Mel’s….just moved to kentland this summer and on a whim ( i made my fiance’ go check it out first – cuz its nothing to look at from the outside) we stopped with three of our 7 children for dinner. We were delightfully surprised!!! The food is to die for…..comes very quick, very hot and very delish! Of course the price is very decent as well. Not a huge place, in fact at breakfast time (which we usually wake before the kiddos and take the Harley) you could run into a crowd. They have daily specials and service is friendly. We have become regulars for sure. If you go there try the dots…..fried do pieces smothered in either garlic butter or cinamon/sugar…..a heaping plate of em to share!

  11. Jessica Nunemaker

    That’s certainly what I’m hoping for!

  12. Small but can come back with pride if people would get together and get the town back! Times are tough , please bring back the small towns they were the first and they will stay.

  13. Jessica Nunemaker

    We like to think so!

    There was actually a Christmas Parade in our little town — ponies with “antlers” pulled Santa.

  14. I want to live in a little town most during the holidays. It seems like the best place to spend one…
    .-= Ellen´s last blog ..Salt Dough Ornaments Through the Years =-.

  15. Jessica Nunemaker

    When we moved to our small town (after spending a few years in Seattle and Charleston) it took some getting used to for sure!

    One of the grocery stores didn’t take bank cards, only cash! Of course, we didn’t know that so we had to leave everything at the register, run to the bank, and go back. So embarrassing!!!

    They have since started accepting cards. *whew*

  16. I briefly drove through Indiana this summer as I was heading to the West Coast. Sadly I didn’t get to stop over anywhere. This looks like such a charming place to visit! I just don’t think I could ever get used to everything being closed on a Sunday (I lived in Manhattan for four years, it spoiled me).

  17. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever been to Indiana. Hmmm… Your blog may well inspire me to make the trip someday! :-) Happy SITS Saturday and thanks so much for visiting, commenting & following my blog. You ROCK! :-)

  18. That is definitely one of those little places where everybody knows (or is related to) everybody!

  19. I love historic places like this. I wouldn’t like to live in such a small town, but they are great to visit!

  20. Jessica Nunemaker

    The sad part is…there wasn’t that much there to begin with!

    Oh, yeah! I do not like those old dolls at all! I swear they come alive at night!

  21. Oh wow, the downtown looks like a ghost town! Probably in part due to the fact that everything was closed on Sunday, which reminds me of Oslo on Sundays.

    I totally agree with you on dolls, they sure can be creepy (especially the older ones)!

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