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Indiana Winter: Ice in the Pines

Indiana Ice Storm in Northern Indiana

This late in the game, I am about as tired of snow as I can be but I also know that as soon as the next snowfall hits my Indiana town (we’re talking hours not days) I know I will grudgingly bundle up and head right back out there.

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Ayda’s Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer: Flavorful and Fantastic!

Ayda's Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana:

Ayda's Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana is in a new location downtown. There's loads of seating, lots of light, and the same great food.

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Wolcott, Indiana Architecture: Victorian Extravaganza!

Wolcott, Indiana Architecture

Wolcott, Indiana has beautiful Victorian homes scattered all around the quaint downtown.

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Wolcott, Indiana in White County

Wolcott House in Wolcott, Indiana

Wolcott, Indiana in White County may be small but it certainly shouldn't be overlooked!

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Why I Do What I Do from Wolcott, Indiana

Why I Do What I Do: Wolcott, Indiana

What drives me to write about little Indiana and to spend my own dime traveling it?

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