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Klein Brot Haus Bakery and Restaurant in Brookston

Klein Brot Haus in Brookston, Indiana
Klein Brot Haus in Brookston, Indiana Frosted Cinnamon Roll

You won’t go wrong with Klein Brot Haus Bakery in Brookston, Indiana.

With so many tables and chairs in this large Indiana bakery, you just know that it’s a favorite local hangout,

Klein Brot Haus Bakery in Brookston, Indiana

Klein Brot Haus in Brookston, Indiana Chocolate Croissant
Klein Brot Haus in Brookston, Indiana Chocolate Croissant

Step inside this Brookston, Indiana, bakery and that great bakery smell will greet you. It’s a fantastic building with really sharp woodwork. They just don’t make them like they used to,

Klein Brothers Bakery had such an awesome selection.  Don’t think I use the word “awesome” lightly, either. In the case of this White County bakery, it’s easily justifiable.

I’m talking pies, bread, croissants, cookies, and bars. It smells so incredibly good inside this rather large downtown business. They even had a breakfast and lunch menu plus a salad bar.

Brookston, Indiana Bakery

Klein Brot Haus in Brookston, Indiana Exterior
Klein Brot Haus in Brookston, Indiana Exterior

Chalkboards hung up above the many, many shelves of baked items for sale. Not only was it a nice touch but it was helpful, too. It was easy to take it all in and find what you need in just a glance. What a great idea,

Little Indiana and family had to do a taste test, you know, in the interest of research! It was hard to think straight with fruit pies and fresh-baked bread and all sorts of sweet treats staring me down. But, the gigantic Iced Cinnamon Rolls were calling my name. How could I refuse?

My husband, Jeremy, ordered a big Chocolate Croissant. It was so flaky! The kid picked out a ginormous Iced Sour Cream Sugar Cookie. That cookie was so soft–and delicious,

German Bakery in Indiana

With a large selection and reasonable prices, this small Indiana town bakery really hits the spot! Klein Brot Haus or Klein Brothers Bakery, no matter how you say it, this one definitely deserves the attention.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus. I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Klein Brot Haus Bakery
106 East 3rd Street
Brookston, Indiana 47923

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  1. Now I have three reasons to go to Brookston … after I stop here, gonna go see those 2 Cookin’ Sisters.

  2. Jessica Nunemaker

    That is so neat! Thanks for sharing your story! — when I make it back thataway I’ll have to ask if they still make those for weddings for you. :)

  3. I grew up in this area – my mom worked at the Klein Brot Haus for a little while. She came home with so many great recipes – one thing I will never forget is the popcorn! She’d work on this fabulous recipes that they made custom for weddings, etc. Pink popcorn balls with marsmallow and peppermint candies to color them – yum! Not sure if they still do that or not – but I loved the idea!
    .-= Stacy´s last blog ..Web Finds Wednesday- =-.

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