The Hibot Thornhope Rest Park in Thornhope, Indiana

The Hibot Thornhope Rest Park in Thornhope, Indiana

I made an amazing discovery a few short weeks ago: The Hibot Thornhope Rest Park in Thornhope, Indiana.

This Pulaski County rest stop is the nicest, most wonderful rest stop in all of Indiana!

The Hibot Thornhope Rest Park in Thornhope, Indiana

A grand claim, I know. So, technically it was a rest park. What a difference that makes! Now, however, I will be on constant alert or, in the words of Barney Fife, “Constant Vigilance.”

Once upon a time I was one of those people who used to hate stopping. Whenever I was behind the wheel I would drive and drive and drive until we reached our destination. But after exploring so many small Indiana towns this past (not quite) year (and the addition of children doesn’t hurt either), I’ve definitely learned to go with the flow.

It really isn’t only about the destination–it’s also about enjoying the ride. If I hadn’t finally figured out that life lesson, I might have missed this tidy little gem smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

Indiana Rest Park

The Hibot Thornhope Rest Park had picnic tables scattered here and there across the grounds. It would be absolutely perfect for a picnic!

This rest park smelled amazing. I thought it was just my nose being a little oversensitive and glad to escape the smell of Cheerios that seems to have become a permanent part of our car’s upholstery but as we were pulling away I noticed the sign that mentioned the wildflowers.

Somehow I didn’t notice the sea of wildflowers that completely surrounded this Indiana rest park. It was absolutely beautiful and completely unexpected.

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Consider this short n’ sweet post just another reason why it pays to slow down and enjoy the ride!

Otherwise, you might miss a unique site to see like the Hibot Thornhope Rest Park in Thornhope, Indiana.

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Just South of Thornhope, Indiana in Pulaski County on US-35 (map is location of Thornhope)

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