Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

Whiting, Indiana in Lake County is like a glittering oasis in the desert.

After passing ugly steel mill after ugly steel mill and dealing with never-ending traffic we were concerned that maybe this Indiana town wouldn’t be so town-like!

Whiting, Indiana in Lake County  

Waltzing into Whiting, Indiana can only be compared to the moment in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps out of her dusty sepia-colored world and into the unexpected awesomeness that is Munchkinland.

While Whiting didn’t have ruby slippers or a yellow brick road, it was certainly surprising!

The image on the right was our first little glimpse of Whiting. Is that an inviting sight or what? I could hardly wait to get out of the car and start exploring! Just seeing an old theater that’s looks good and still shows movies is a definite mood boost.

Yes, Whiting, Indiana is completely unlike the surrounding area. This Lake County town is so clean and tidy. There is no sign of the city here, only hanging flower baskets lining the sidewalks, shoppers loping along, and town banners hanging from street lamps.

Things to Do in Whiting, Indiana

Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

There’s more diversity (which was really nice to see) but, close to big city or not, it’s friendly! We were approached by three very different Whiting residents asking if we were new to the area and if we had been to The Pierogi Festival. Whiting residents love their Pierogi!

The Pierogi Festival, a nod at the town heritage (Slovak and Polish), is a pretty big deal around these parts–it’s absolutely huge! If you’ve ever had homemade Pierogi you would understand why. Although we missed the festival, my husband and I did spend a very full day exploring this little town all by ourselves.

Walking around Whiting is like walking in any small town: people smile or say “hi,” homes are tidy and well-kept, and, most importantly, you just feel safe.

Mere blocks away from Whiting you hit East Chicago which is about the exact opposite of little Whiting, Indiana (it’s dirty, sprawling, and just plain ugly). How this small town has managed to hold on to its small town vibe I don’t know yet am infinitely grateful for it.

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Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

Surrounded by city or not, Whiting is a little town with lots of charm and plenty of fun things to do.

Who knew that a small town could retain its personality and its Hoosier hospitality even when practically engulfed by the big, bad city.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Whiting, Indiana in Lake County

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