Luke's Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

Luke’s Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

little Indiana and her husband, Jeremy, headed to Luke’s Kitchen in sprawled out (but small) Wheatfield, Indiana to see what this little place had to offer!

One taste of the Sweet Potato Fries at this Jasper County restaurant and I am now craving them constantly.

Luke’s Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

We walked inside and paused. How do you place your order at Luke’s Kitchen? The answer is right in front of you! Order your food at the counter and then head way left to grab your drinks.

What did we order? Well, it took us a minute or two to decide.

Luke’s Kitchen has pizza. There’s also fried chicken and changing daily specials. In the end, though, I had to go with the pork tenderloin sandwich and a side of sweet potato fries. My husband went with the fried chicken and French fries.

Wheatfield, Indiana Restaurants

Luke's Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

Luke’s Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

How did I not know about the existence of a fry such as these? I mean, I love fries! I love Sweet Potatoes! How did I not know that they made the perfect fry before today? Who knew that my new favorite food would be found in this small Indiana town?

I had a fantastic Pork Tenderloin with a side of the day’s special (yes, that would be the Sweet Potato Fries). My husband’s Fried Chicken was it hit with him, too. Still, he really regretted not getting the Sweet Potato Fries after I let him try one. I grudgingly, grumblingly shared a few of mine with him.

Want to know a fun Luke’s Kitchen feature? They also have a little outside eating area which would certainly be a nice spot to sit and eat if you’ve been stuck in the car for hours and hours.

I would definitely take advantage of that if I were on a small Indiana town road trip and needed to stretch my legs. It could also help keep down the mess/embarrassment when you combine kids and food (or maybe that’s just us).

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Luke's Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

Luke’s Kitchen in Wheatfield, Indiana

I’d really like to try Luke’s Kitchen pizza. You know my love affair with pizza! But then again–those fries were so good.

Would a large cheese pizza with a side of sweet potato fries be strange?

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Luke’s Kitchen
306 S. Hilliard Street
Wheatfield Indiana 46392
This business is closed. 10/17/2013

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