Cannonball Chili Cook-Off in Wabash, Indiana

Cannonball Chili Cook-Off in Wabash, Indiana

little Indiana was invited to attend the Wabash Cannonball Chili Cook-off in Wabash, Indiana.

After I heard all about this bustling Wabash County event, believe you me, I couldn’t wait until the big day!

Wabash Cannonball Chili Cook-off

You pay a few bucks (again, for charity), get a spoon, and at each (sometimes elaborately) themed booth you get a pill cup-sized sample of chili. Delicious, delicious chili.

The Wabash Cannonballl Chili Cook-off charity event boasts over 100 booths of chili!

Yes, there is more than a spoonful in each one but, hey, little Indiana and hubs dug in and sampled chili like a champ. Is this a great Indiana town or what?

Wabash, Indiana Event

There was red chili and white chili, Chili with meat and without meat. Chili with corn chips in it and chili with french fries. Chili that made me really want the recipe and chili that was so horrible I have no idea what I was eating.

After a sample, you could use one of your ten tickets to “vote” for the best! The booths will beg and plead and sometimes even sing their way to get a vote. It’s really funny! It’s also really fun  to decide on who deserves the ticket!

My husband and I made it to about 3/4 of them. Yes, that is a LOT of chili! It was a really fun big small town event (and for charity!). Still, I don’t think we’ll be able to look at another bowl of chili for at least a month! I can’t wait until next year!

Watch the Wabash, Indiana Cannonball Chili Cook-off on YouTube or below.

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Paradise Park in Wabash, Indiana
351 East Market Street
Wabash, Indiana 46992

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