Wabash, Indiana: Reading Room Books

Wabash, Indiana: Reading Room Books

Wabash, Indiana is home to Reading Room Books, one of the most amazing bookshops I have ever had the pleasure of wandering.

Wall to wall and just about floor to ceiling, this Wabash County bookstore is crammed full of used books!

Reading Room Books in Wabash, Indiana

Reading Room Books in Wabash,  Indiana

Reading Room Books in Wabash, Indiana

This Indiana bookstore has been in business for 35 years now–which means books on top of books on top of books.

The owner, Tom, a self-described “snob” (who also gave us a fantastic lunch suggestion, Aztecaz Mexican Grill–thanks Tom!) is not someone who just has a shop.

I’m pretty sure the man lives and breathes books. He did confess that he has far more in storage than what are found in his shop! Let me tell you what: that’s a lot of books!

Just the shop of Reading Room Books takes up multiple buildings in lovely downtown Wabash. Can you imagine how many books he has altogether? Mind blowing and oh so awesome!

Wabash, Indiana Bookstore

Reading Room Books in Wabash,  Indiana

Reading Room Books in Wabash, Indiana

My husband, Jeremy, and I were very impressed. I immediately took off to look at the giant bookshelf full of cookbooks while hubs scurried away to go look at his own stuff.

Scattered around Reading Room Books were inviting and comfy-looking chairs softly whispering to me to ditch the family, sit down a spell, and read a bit. I love that.

Books are organized into sections that once upon a time were alphabetized, but I’m guessing that was well before the sheer volume of books made it downright impossible.

I have a sense that Tom knows where everything is anyway so if you want something semi-specific, I’d definitely ask.

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I love when shops make you feel like there are treasures waiting to be discovered if you only take the time to look.

Reading Room Books in Wabash, Indiana is definitely one of them.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Reading Room Books
264 S Wabash Street
Wabash Indiana 46992

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