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Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana: That’s Amore!

Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
The Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana is an Italian food-lovers dream come true!

Held every Labor Day Weekend since 1966, this Vermillion County festival is absolutely massive.

Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana

Clinton, Indiana, small Indiana town though it is, sure knows how to plan one amazing event!

There are familiar fair favorites like those free-flying swings, helicopter ride, kiddie Ferris wheel, and all that sort of fun (nausea-inducing) kid stuff. Kid #1 and I played in the fun house! That’s much more my speed.

Really, this was a fantastic selection of rides that fit the age of Kid #1 (5 years old) was perfect! He had a great time. There was just so much that he could do he couldn’t believe his great good luck. We had fun just watching him strut around afterward like he was big stuff.

Clinton, Indiana Festival

Jessica Nunemaker at the Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
Jessica Nunemaker at the Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
Of course, there’s your standard fair food like snow cones, funnel cakes, and cotton candy but since this is the Little Italy Festival, there’s also plenty of Italian food on the menu!

Cannoli, Mostaccoli, Italian Cream Cake, and all yummy things Italian. Now that’s my kind of festival! It smelled like my grandma’s kitchen, that delicious smell I haven’t smelled since I was 12 years old.

With a festival so big, you know there are a ton of great vendors here! Many possess Italy-themed items like “Kiss Me I’m Italian” t-shirts but the downtown Clinton shops are also open. Trust me, there is no end to the things you can do!

We haven’t even gotten into the planned activities! This is a jam-packed four day festival. Yes, four days of Italian goodness!

Go There

Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
Little Italy Festival in Clinton, Indiana
There’s a grape stomping event, the choosing of the Re and Regina and the crowning of the Grape Queen (I’m not making that up), a parade, and a spaghetti sauce cook-off (can little Indiana be the judge of that?)!

Add this to your little Indiana calendar of Festivals and Events. It’s not to be missed and is a guaranteed good time for any age.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Clinton, Indiana in Vermillion County

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  1. They have a new website

  2. It is such a great little town! :) Six hours? I think I’d do it, too. The food was REALLY good!

  3. We love coming to Clinton Indiana to visit family and enjoy the festival every year. This is one of the nicest festivals around my brothers have informed me that also Clinton now has a transportattion company there to help us if we enjoy ourselves to much at the wine gardns again he said it allid comunity transport we are glad to hear that, Also we cant wait to eat spagetti at the festival we drive almost 6 hours every year just to eat the fine foods that are served here. my hat is off to the town for hosting such a great event.

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