Movie Madness in DeMotte, Indiana

Movie Madness in DeMotte, Indiana

Welcome to Movie Madness in DeMotte, Indiana, a small town video and game store that’s big on selection.

You’ll find a huge selection of movies and games to rent or buy in this Jasper County video store!

Movie Madness in DeMotte, Indiana

This place is huge.

Thirteen years ago, the current owners of the shop bought it, renamed it, and added thousands and thousands of titles to the stock! It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and…you get the idea. Seriously, they are stuffed to the gills with movies and games of all kinds.

Movie Madness in DeMotte, Indiana

Movie Madness in DeMotte, Indiana

Movie lovers will be happy to know that they carry everything to rent but for those of us traveling through small Indiana towns like DeMotte, you can find DVD’s and even VHS for purchase.

DeMotte, Indiana Video Store

There was lots of good stuff there–many (or should I say most?) of which were $5 or under!

Need more time browsing but the kids are restless? There’s a couple of arcade games in the back room–where all the video games for rent are also located. Who doesn’t love pinball?

Really, it’s the perfect way to distract your kid and husband while you browse classic movies and Xbox games for sale, munching on popcorn. Not that I did that or anything.

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Did I forget to mention the popcorn? Browse around this DeMotte, Indiana shop and snag a free bag of popcorn.

Oh the buttery goodness!

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Movie Madness
800 S Halleck Street
Demotte Indiana 46310

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