The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

I am counting down until seasonal ice cream parlors like The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana open up again for business!

This Porter County ice cream parlor is so much fun for the young–and the young at heart.

The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

Ice cream is my superhero weakness. I eat the stuff year round. Hey, everyone needs a little insulation to survive an Indiana winter!

What’s so unique about The Depot of Kouts is that it is located inside what used to be the railroad station in this tiny Indiana town. What’s even more amazing are the original inside details! From the old train ticket window to the large wooden bench, there’s no mistaking the original purpose of this building.

I personally enjoyed checking out all the old photos and newspaper clippings from years past that are tacked up on the walls. It’s amazing how long people used to work for the same train companies many long years ago!

Kouts, Indiana Ice Cream Parlor

The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

Enough about the old train depot–on to the ice cream! For this small town Kouts, Indiana ice cream parlor, they have a fantastic selection! I’m not just saying that because I’m distracted by sprinkle cones, either.

Not only do they have the usual sundaes, they also have their own creative offerings and a challenge. Can you eat a big humongous bowl of ice cream in 30 minutes or less?

I don’t know if I can either but I’m hoping to go back next summer and give it a try! Too bad I didn’t know about that one when I was pregnant with Kid #2. I could have completed that challenge in 9 minutes or less!

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The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

The Depot of Kouts in Kouts, Indiana

The Depot of Kouts has a great selection and really nice folks.

For ice cream treats to beat the heat, you can’t go wrong with The Depot of Kouts!

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The Depot of Kouts
104 Railroad Street
Kouts, Indiana 46347
This Business has New Owners and a New Name.

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