Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

I hear the Star Wars fanfare music playing when I look at the image of that breadstick from Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana. Can you hear it, too?

But if you think the breadsticks are good at this Tippecanoe County restaurant…just wait until you try the pizza!

Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

It’s like walking into a lodge! There is a really fun cabin feel here at Dayton Station.

The walls and ceiling are covered in wood planks. The tables? Yep, they match too (and are giant)! Even the chairs match–and the seats are generous and super comfy. Did I mention they are wood, too?

We weren’t the only people having an early lunch at Dayton Station. A few police officers sat at one table and a couple of tweens sat at the other. Our boys couldn’t take their eyes off of the officers. We took the last table after placing our order: Pepperoni and sausage pizza with an order of breadsticks.

Dayton, Indiana Pizza Parlor

Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

Piping hot, fresh out of the oven, our breadsticks, as I mentioned before, were fantastic! Super soft with the right amount of seasoning, served with Marinara sauce for dipping for the kids and a zesty Jalapeno Cheese sauce for us made this a delicious way to kick-off our meal.

When the pizza arrived, well, as good as the breadsticks were–we ditched them. We ditched them and dug in to our crispy browned pizza and didn’t look back. Residents of this Indiana town are so lucky!

Dayton Station makes a nice and tall pie. They brown the top so it’s crisp, eye appealing, and yet–not overdone. Really, this is pizza perfection. Our waitress had recommended a 10″ pizza with the addition of breadsticks and she was right on target. We were full and didn’t have any leftover!

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Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana

Dayton Station in Dayton, Indiana dishes out great food, has excellent atmosphere, with super nice servers to boot!

little Indiana would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to the son of our server who was on his way home from Iraq. We know how tough the waiting can be. He will be headed back there in two weeks and we wish him the best as he completes his third tour!

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Dayton Station
2988 Dayton Road
Dayton, Indiana 47941

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