There are many obvious reasons to visit Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, Indiana in the winter. For starters, it is wall-to-wall holiday fun. Excellent stocking stuffers line the walls, like old-fashioned and nostalgia candy, small toys, ornaments, and the North Pole Network. For a small fee, your child can take a short quiz to find out if they are naughty, nice, or somewhere in-between. Our oldest son lied like nobody’s business on that thing. At least we know that he knows what he is SUPPOSED to do, even if he doesn’t always do it (make his bed every day? Puh-lease).

During the winter, Santa’s Candy Castle even roasts chestnuts by the fire (call ahead for dates and times). Santa makes an appearance every now and again, reading a holiday book to the kiddos. They do have a room full of phenomenal children’s books. They are brand new and bargain-priced. We never leave empty-handed.

Visit Santa’s Candy Castle Year Round

Things to Do in Santa Claus, Indiana

But winter isn’t the only time to visit this wonderful family-owned business. It’s just as good a destination in the summer. For starters, you can beat the crowds. It can get very hectic during the winter. Kids are already excited about the holiday wolfing down the phenomenal Frozen Hot Chocolate doesn’t look as ridiculous when it’s 90*, as compared to when it’s 10*, and you are already freezing.

Let me tell you what, winter or summer, the frozen hot chocolate at Santa’s Candy Castle is amazing and one of my favorite things. Ever. It’s easier to splurge when the weather doesn’t match the drink.

Aside from my love of Frozen Hot Chocolate, what I really wanted to share with you is the video below featuring the owner of Santa’s Candy Castle, Kevin Klosowski. He will tell you all about the history of his Santa Claus, Indiana building and maybe even his plans for the future.

It’s an amazing story. You will learn how far the place has come from the time when they took it over. Can you believe someone used it as a house for a few years? That would be so much fun–though probably a bit hard to place furniture in the round room!

This is an interesting look back at a phenomenal piece of Indiana history. Santa’s Candy Castle was the first themed attraction–in the nation. Santa Claus, Indiana is an incredible Indiana town–and has the history to match.

Keep up with the latest news, special events, and confections with Santa’s Candy Castle on Facebook.

Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, Indiana

Watch my interview with Kevin Koslowski at Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, Indiana on YouTube or above.

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Santa’s Candy Castle
15499 North State Road 245
Santa Claus IN 47579

Special thanks to Paula Werne at Holiday World and to the Spencer County Visitors Bureau for making this trip possible.

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