Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

Corydon, Indiana is such an amazing and friendly town!

What was once the state capitol of Indiana Territory is now a very enjoyable town in Harrison County.

Corydon, Indiana

Founded in 1808, Corydon is big on Indiana history. While I’m sure it was a blow to Corydon when the capitol was relocated back in 1818, today it is a wonderfully unique small town.

It seemed as though everywhere we looked there was a historic plaque commemorating some event or sharing another piece of Corydon history. It was fascinating!

Even the public library had an unusual feature. Anyone want to guess what that could be? It was a safe! Definitely unusual and a fun thing to see even if it is only used for storage today.

Corydon, Indiana Shopping

When it comes to unique shops, Corydon has more than its fair share! This downtown is bustling and busy. Every street that surrounds the tidy downtown square seemed to lead somewhere new and interesting!

This is such an easy to navigate Indiana town. We toured the site of a new art gallery and event facility, looked at merchandise for sale at a stained glass shop, sampled a couple of coffee shops (it’s how I bribe my husband, Jeremy, to do my bidding), as well as the brew your own beer and wine shop, Cellar on the Square.

That’s just a starter! There’s two bookstores, Arlston’s Booksellers that specializes in new books and Bookwork Used Books that has a huge selection of gently used books to peruse.

Corydon, Indiana History

Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

The old Capitol Building is in great shape and shares a nice green-space with another office building. But that’s not all that’s here! 

You’ll find a war memorial and a German 150 M.M. Howitzer. My favorite? The moving and very nicely done monument to various O’ Bannons: Frank, Lewis, and Robert.

This part of town has a scattering of historic plaques. You’ll see The Battle of Corydon, information on the old Indiana Capitol, and the old Capitol Bank right nearby. It’s a very interesting peek into an extensive and vibrant history.

Friday nights in the Summer you’ll find a band playing on the lawn. Is that a nice touch or what?

Go There

Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

I have heard over and over that I needed to get to Corydon, Indiana. I am so happy to have finally been able to make the trip! What a phenomenal area.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. This small town has a slew of unique places to play and explore–and I can’t wait to share them all with you in the weeks to come!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Corydon, Indiana in Harrison County

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