Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana holds a very awesome attraction: The Round Barn Theater.

Built of wood in 1911, this Elkhart County barn turned theater is probably one of the most unusual theaters I have ever been in (and I’ve been everywhere, man, I’ve been everywhere)!

Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

After the barn was purchased from an Amish farm a few short decades ago, 100 Amish carpenters in Nappanee, Indiana and beyond were hired to take apart the old round barn.

Each piece was numbered, moved to its new home at Amish Acres, and reassembled in order to house a permanent memorial to Joseph Stein and a theatrical hub in the small Indiana town.

Walking in to the Round Barn Theater you can’t help but gasp in awe! I wasn’t expecting the inside of the theater to literally be circular. That might sound silly, but you have all been there before–places with names that reflect what they were aren’t always accurate as to how they look today. The Round Barn Theater at Amish Acres is incredible.

The Ring of Fire at The Round Barn Theater

Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

My husband, Jeremy, and I saw a musical, a Johnny Cash tribute, Ring of Fire. Am I someone who would call themselves an avid Johnny Cash fan? Not so much. However–I really enjoyed this show!

The cast worked so well together with quite a few memorable voices. I’d like to hear more from some of them! Each Ring of Fire cast member trades off playing the part of Johnny Cash and/or other Cash family members. It puts a fun spin on the (many) Johnny Cash songs performed.

I’ve been singing, “How high is the water, Papa?” off and on since we saw the show. Very catchy. Kid #1 has been playing along and singing the response line back to me.

One of the perks of being little Indiana? I walk  the line. Actually, they kindly let me take pics inside The Round Barn Theater the next day so all of you could see it too!

Go There

Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, Indiana

There’s more where that came from! The Round Barn Theater is the National Home for the musical Plain and Fancy written by Joseph Stein, the same guy who wrote Fiddler on The Roof!

Don’t Cry! Cry! Cry! that you haven’t been there yet–head over to Amish Acres and see it all for yourself! They have a couple of shows playing at any given time.

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Amish Acres Historic
Farm & Heritage Resort Round Barn Theater

1600 West Market Street
Nappanee, Indiana 46550

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Thanks again to Elkhart County and Amish Acres for hosting our stay. Opinions, as always, are mine and mine alone.

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