Schnicks in Wheatfield, Indiana

Schnicks in Wheatfield, Indiana

Schnick’s Good Eats in Wheatfield, Indiana is aptly named.

I’ve received more than one email citing this Jasper County restaurant as a “can’t miss” and you know what? They were right!

Schnick’s Good Eats in Wheatfield, Indiana

Located in old downtown Wheatfield, you probably wouldn’t even know it was here! Lucky for you–you’ve got little Indiana.

Kidding aside, walking into this place we couldn’t believe how busy it was. Various sports memorabilia lined the walls and folks were taking up almost every seat. That’s always a good sign.

We actually had to wait a bit to be seated. It’s a small, cozy place so when a couple came in after us, we decided to leave the bustling dining room for a spot outside. Talk about a gorgeous Indiana day!

We had the pleasant outdoor seating area all to ourselves! Since it was fenced in, Kid #2 could roam without bothering anyone and we could enjoy a more leisurely meal.

Wheatfield, Indiana Restaurant

Schnicks in Wheatfield, Indiana

Schnicks in Wheatfield, Indiana

I’ve heard good things about the Beef Manhattan and the Meatloaf but we were in a more sandwich and lunch type mood. When everything sounds so good on the menu there’s only one thing to do…we asked our server for suggestions.

Her recommendation? The Italian Beef sandwich. She said that everything is good but that people love that one. I’ve learned to go with what the server’s recommend!

I claimed dibs on the Italian Beef Sandwich while my husband, Jeremy, finished making up his mind. He chose The Works Burger–Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and peppers. Our boys decided on Chicken Fingers and a Corn Dog with a side of applesauce.

Do you see that thing of beauty over there? That Italian Beef sandwich tasted as good as it looks! The fries were simply awesome. My husband and the kids were equally enamored over their choices. Which means that Schnick’s Good Eats, in a very small Indiana town, delivered as promised.

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Schnicks in Wheatfield, Indiana

Schnicks in Wheatfield, Indiana

But we didn’t stop there! This is little Indiana–which means it isn’t over until dessert! I’ve heard about their Peach Cobbler

They really do mean “good eats.” The four of us had a nice leisurely lunch. We would certainly go back–I’d love to try their Pork Tenderloin Sandwich!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Schnick’s Good Eats
16 N Bierma Street
Wheatfield, Indiana 46392

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