Bourbon SummerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

Bourbon SummerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

Bourbon SummmerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

Bourbon SummmerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

Bourbon, Indiana may be small but every year they have an annual event that draws in quite a crowd: Summer Fest.

What was once just a couple of guys meeting together to “talk shop” and show off their cars has turned into something pretty big and amazing!

Summer Fest: Bourbon, Indiana

Rows and rows of classic cars and souped up models take over! For the last 25 years, car enthusiasts have met up and put on a show. They drive in from all over the place!

Friendships have formed and people return year after year–after spreading the word and bringing along a friend of their own.

In this way, word of mouth has been growing the festival beyond the creators’ wildest dreams!

Bourbon, Indiana Event

Bourbon SummmerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

Bourbon SummmerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

As small as this Indiana town is, little Indiana and hubby were cheered by the multiple food booths and activities for the kids.

There were also pony rides, those jump things that let kids do a bit of acrobatics in the air, and bounce houses. Yes, that’s “houses” with an “s.”

The bounce house? Well, it would have been a huge hit if the kids had been along. Instead of getting to go into one bounce house, it looked like paying the nominal fee let you in to all of them!

Kids could bounce to their hearts content! That totally says “small town” to me. I love it! Definitely enough to keep a kid busy for a bit. What a great idea.

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Bourbon SummmerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

Bourbon SummmerFest Car Show in Bourbon, Indiana

If you are a classic car owner you don’t want to miss this one! The guys and gals seemed like a tight knit group, even raising money for those they knew in need and remembering those who have passed.

Dependent upon generous sponsors and word of mouth, I guess this is my part in helping spread the word about this long-running Indiana festival!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Bourbon, Indiana in Marshall County
(near the softball fields)

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  1. patti jordan September 4, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    I have found an old family portrait of a family from Bourbon, Indiana. The photograph has the photography studio name of Haldermann. IT is a wonderful portrait and I’d love to send it to the family, if we can find them. It has 31 persons standing and sitting in front of a brick building that has a corner porch/breezeway that connects to a “clapboard” building. There are 8 adorable children of various ages in the picture. It looks to be around the early 1900s. I will be glad to scan it and send it to someone, if I find someone who is interested!

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