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Indiana Blogs: Holiblog

Indiana Blogs: Holiblog

HoliBlog is an Indiana blog that is the official blog of Holiday World! Don’t go thinking this is just a “business” blog. Instead? Think “family.”

If you have ever been to Holiday World, then you probably already know this but if you haven’t, let me let you in on a little secret. Holiday World doesn’t feel like your typical theme park–or business. It’s personal. It’s charming. It’s friendly.

I think you’ll like this inside look at the people behind Holiday World. I know I do.

Indiana Blogs: HoliBlog

Why did you start the HoliBlog
At the risk of sounding braggadocios, we were the first theme/amusement park to blog.

Our first post was April 7, 2005. We’re reposting some of our earliest posts, as they were “lost” when we moved from Blogger to WordPress a few years ago.

That first HoliBlog post appeared exactly a month before we opened for the 2005 season. We hadn’t announced it yet, but we would be starting construction on The Voyage wooden roller coaster soon, and blogging was a great way to tease about it and then document progress on what has been consistently voted the world’s #1 wooden coaster.

As our first post explained, we had so many stories to share (we’re a family-owned park, now in our 65th season) about the Koch family, our much-loved park, and the people who work here and visit here. This seems like a good way to pull back the curtain and have some fun.

What can little Indiana readers expect to find on the Holiday World Blog?
We tell stories and post photos and videos from long ago, the present time, and tease about the future. We try to keep a light touch, but in sad times (such as the untimely death of park owner Will Koch last year), we share our grief.

What are three of your most favorite posts?

  • Park of Doom:  It’s my favorite because it’s a funny story about some darling boys. Strategically, it really sets us apart from other parks and shows how seriously we take service and hospitality.
  • Oh, Heavens!” My tribute to Joe Hevron, who worked here since we opened in 1946. He passed away last spring. Miss him dearly.
  • A Fowl memory of Santa Claus Land”  We love it when we can incorporate stories from our park fans, too.

Who is the voice behind the HoliBlog? Are there multiple authors?
Pretty much it’s me, Paula Werne, the park’s Director of Communications. Our new Communications Manager, Nathan Ryder (I tell him I hired him solely because of his last name) has written a few (my fav is Mr. Dan’s Wild Ride which includes a funny video).

Plus we have a lovely post from a member of the next generation, Leah Koch: When your sister is … a roller coaster.

What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
I’m a storyteller by nature. And this place is bursting with stories! Frankly, I’ve been a little side-tracked by our Holiday World Facebook Page the past few years, but am working on blogging more again.

If you could sum up the Holiday World Blog, HoliBlog, in just one word, what would it be?

What’s your favorite Holiday World attraction?
Wildebeest, our water coaster, makes me laugh. Most of the other rides make me scream. Wildebeest wins.

Is there anything else that you would like little Indiana readers to know?
Everything I’d like them to know can be found in the HoliBlog. Sure hope they’ll join us!

Fun in The Sun

What’s more fun than free drinks, free parking, and free sunscreen? The rides! Oh, and this inside look at the Holiday World family. Good, clean family entertainment. Thanks, Paula for coming over to little Indiana today!

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