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Indiana Blogs: Granola Mom 4 God

Indiana Blogs: Granola Mom 4 God

Granola Mom for God is an Indiana blog with green living on the brain. We’re talking all sorts of homemade foods!Yogurt? Really? Absolutely!

See her fun and friendly blog for the lowdown on more than just sustainable living. An avid photographer, this English major is also getting back into creative writing, too.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a look into the life of A Granola Mom for God. Four kids, a hubby, and a dog building a life that’s a bit more Earth-friendly and a little less complicated.

Indiana Blogs: Granola Mom for God

Why did you start Granola Mom for God?
I originally began Granola Mom 4 God to document our life. At the time, I had two children (which has turned into four). I used to spend time scrap-booking, but was rapidly falling behind in cropping pictures and pasting them into a photo album complete with copy.

A friend suggested that I begin blogging . . . which is a much quicker way to display my photography and write about life. Seeing as though I am an English major, blogging seemed like a beautiful marriage of documenting life and using my writing degree!

Having a blog also proved a useful tool, as many people were asking me how to do all the “granola” things we do. Instead of sending them a detailed email, I now just send them to my blog.

How long have you been writing Granola Mom for God? I “think” that I am entering my 4th year.

What are three (four) of your favorite things?

What’s your favorite part of blogging?
It is my creative outlet. I also . . . umm . . . enjoy receiving free things to review.

Blogging provides a great avenue for me to communicate with other moms, receive feedback, and well . . . have relationships with others even when I haven’t left our home. Blogging has made my world a bit bigger, despite never leaving the house!

What do you want little Indiana readers to know about your blog?
Granola Mom 4 God is a resource for a wide variety of topics, from gardening to God, home schooling to photography, organic to composting, cloth diapers to baby wearing, homemade Nutella to grain free meals. But most importantly, you will read honest thoughts from a real person.

Sewing. Cloth Diapers. You are trying to live a greener, more environmentally-friendly life. Any pleasant surprises?
I honestly thought I would have mastered gardening by now . . . but I have yet to have a continuous harvest from my garden. I suppose a pleasant surprise . . . the world becomes much smaller.

When you ferment and eat weird things . . . . live a more sustainable life you begin to have a friend, who knows this friend, who happens to be your friend already. And I have found that granola people . . . they like to share!

It’s a Small World After All

You don’t realize how connected the world really is until you blog! Now, Homemade Nutella? I’m so there. Thanks for stopping on by little Indiana today and sharing your crunchy granola world with us.

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