Slow Cooker Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Recipe

Forget roasts, soups, and stews. Your slow cooker can do so much more, like this eye-appealing chocolate molten lava cake. It’s picture perfect perfection.

While browsing through slow cooker recipes, I wasn’t sure just what to think when I found a crockpot recipe for Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. I’ve used my slow cooker for many things: dips, dinners, and fondues but I had yet to bake a cake in one. It seemed kind of strange. I mean…cake? How does that work?

Apparently, it works very well. My husband loves this cake. He’s already requested it again this week. It takes so little time to put together, either one of us can handle throwing this one together, even on a busy day.

Making Chocolate Molten Lava Cake in a Slow Cooker

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This recipe has totally and completely converted me. This chocolate cake was so good. I can now see that I need to think outside of the slow cooker box. I am now on the lookout for other ways to use my slow cooker for something other than roasts and soups. With a machine that produces such amazing results with such little fuss, it only makes sense.

While I really do enjoy putzing around in the kitchen, I don’t always have an hour and a half to devote to a complicated, twenty ingredient kind of recipe. Chances are that you don’t either. Sometimes, there isn’t even time to commit to watching something closely in the oven for an hour and when you add in the cooling down required of most cakes before frosting them…it’s just too much.

That’s where this one comes in. It uses things that you likely already have on hand so you won’t need to make any special trips to your local grocery store. You’re welcome.

This cake recipe is a snap. It is so convenient and homemade. I have turned to this lava cake when the heat of summer gets to be too much. Sometimes, you just want dessert, but when the humidity climbs, and our Indiana weather kicks in, the last thing I want to do is add to that heat by using the oven for thirty minutes–or longer. That’s when recipes like this come in handy.

Best of all, you don’t even stir. You don’t have to wait until the cake cools to add frosting because there isn’t any frosting. With this recipe, it creates a fudgy sort of sauce that you can spoon over the top. Spoon it over the whole thing. Admire how pretty it is. Really, it can’t get any easier than that.

Slow Cooker  Recipes: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Incredible Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

Fudgy, moist, and warm, serve it with vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t get any better than this slow cooker chocolate lava cake recipe from Life as a Lofthouse blog. Yes, we have served this chocolate cake without the ice cream, but trust me, the ice cream puts it over the edge.

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