Jim's Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana

Jim’s Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana

little Indiana hit the road and headed to Jim’s Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana.

Well, let’s just say that in this Jasper County cafe there’s plenty more than just coffee.

Jim’s Coffee Shop in DeMotte, Indiana

When you take a step inside, you will smell the lovely, lovely smell of coffee–and food! Jim’s Coffee Shop serves the breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowd. Which was a good thing because little Indiana (and family) were hungry!

They’ve got a nice menu over at Jim’s Cafe. It was an easy choice for Kid #1 and #2 (hot dog and grilled cheese). My husband, Jeremy, and I waffled. All of the sandwiches sounded so good!

He finally went with the Patty Melt. But as for me? Well, they did have a Reuben Sandwich on there! I chose the Onion Rings, but my husband went for fries. I’d recommend the Onion Rings–crispy goodness. Those were excellent!

The kids enjoyed what they ordered as well. But what haven’t I mentioned yet? The coffee!

DeMotte, Indiana Coffee Shop

Jim's Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana

Jim’s Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana

Jim’s Cafe has quite the assortment of coffees and teas. There are so many yummy-sounding flavors! You may remember that I didn’t actually enjoy coffee until after Kid #2 was born–and I only like it black. Even so, there’s a lot here that I could really get into.

While I didn’t actually get coffee personally, I did drink quite a bit of the Frozen Mocha that my husband, Jeremy, ordered.

He stated, and I agree, that it is the best Frozen Mocha he has ever had. Ever!

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Jim's Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana

Jim’s Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana

Here’s just more proof that you can find everything you need in a small Indiana town. You just needed to know where to look!

Jim’s Cafe in DeMotte, Indiana was very good–and a place to which I wouldn’t mind returning.

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Jim’s Cafe
616 15th Street
DeMotte, Indiana 46310

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