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St. Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana Delights Mind, Body, and Soul

St Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana
St Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana
St. Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana is absolutely beautiful.

This is one more fantastic Dubois County attraction to add to the list!

St. Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana

It could be the hush of the church or the carved wood pews–or it could very well be due to the elaborate and high-arching ceiling, tall, bold stained glass windows, and murals created from mosaic tiles but this church is jaw-dropping gorgeous. Really, it’s probably a combination of all the above.

From the outside, St. Joseph Parrish looks rather forbidding. With the height of the bell tower (255 feet!) combined with the dark brick and the fact that it was pouring down rain–you would never guess that a warm atmosphere lies within.

The foundation was laid back in 1867. Finally completed in 1880, construction costs totaled $80,000 dollars. Years pass–and then a renovation!

Not just any renovation, however, a $200,000 renovation to remove the old plaster walls and pillars, in order to reinforce them–and add in a light-catching sandstone veneer.

Jasper, Indiana Church

St Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana
St Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana
Today, St. Joseph Church’s towering arches and dazzling windows are a site to see. Painted in hues of yellow and green, it is amazingly soothing.

Every time our tour guide (who also happens to be a priest) raises his voice and plays around with his microphone (to entertain Kid #1) I feel like someone is going to come out and yell at us. It’s just so nice!

Instead, we learn about the history of this Indiana church, the biblical stories behind each of the stained glass windows, and say a prayer before continuing on our way.

Go There

St Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana
St Joseph Church in Jasper, Indiana
St. Joseph Church welcomes visitors! They know they’ve got a fantastic piece of Indiana history right here–and they love to share it.

Call ahead. There are plenty more unique Indiana churches–check out the related posts section below this article to find them.

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St. Joseph Parrish
13th & Newton Street
Jasper, Indiana 47546

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