Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana is a great place to grab some grab! You knew that was coming, now, didn’t you?

This Ripley County restaurant serves good food with generous portions and a fun atmosphere to boot!

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

Step inside this dimly-lit restaurant and feast your eyes on the walls. They are covered in fun things–from old musical  instruments to signs and artifacts of all kinds. Seriously, these are fun.

The kids liked looking at everything. Since they had had such a long trip already we took them around to check out other parts of the restaurant as well. The decor may be fun but the shining star here is most definitely the food!

There’s a lot to love at Osgood Grub Company. The menu is so very nicely done with loads of Hoosier favorites. It was hard to decide!

Osgood, Indiana Restaurant

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

The kids had a few choices (they ended up with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Hamburger).

But as for us? Based on a recommendation, my husband, Jeremy, decided to try the Italian Beef Sandwich. Well, you know my weakness: Pork Tenderloin. I had to get the side of onion rings, too. I had heard folks sing their praises for that one.

You know I am also a bit of an onion ring aficionado. Yep, these were also fantastic! Crispy and nicely flavored, I would get them again. Absolutely the same goes for my breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich.

My husband confessed complete happiness with his sandwich. Since we weren’t eating alone this time, we kept the yummy noises to a minimum.

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Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana

This is one small Indiana town that exemplifies little Indiana to a “T.” Unless you live there, you probably wouldn’t know it existed–and you would so be missing out.

Osgood Grub Company in Osgood, Indiana has good food. Nicely portioned, you will not in any way, shape, or form leave this restaurant hungry!

Make the trip to scenic Ripley County and take in the sites. Osgood Grub Company is one place you’ll want to check out!

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Osgood Grub Company
406 North Buckeye Street
Osgood, Indiana 47037

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