Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana is unlike anything we’ve seen–it carries 18th and 19th century essentials!

Whatever you would need to survive in the 1800’s you can find in this unique Jefferson County shop.

Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

The two big red dogs and a man hand-carving a rifle on the sidewalk in front of Red Dog Arms in downtown Madison was an eye-catcher.

Our boys were more excited about the two fluffy, friendly dogs than the gun, but this was an artist at work!

He spends hours, HOURS, carving these intricately detailed custom built muzzleloading rifles in his shop, outside on the sidewalk, or at living history events before they go to their new homes.

Otherwise, you will find quite the display on the walls of his shop in this great Indiana town for those pieces just waiting to catch someone’s eye.

Madison, Indiana Antique Shop: 18th and 19th Century Outfits and Accessories

Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

For those of you who do historical reenactments, well, this Indiana antique shop is so for you! There were not only a variety of outfits, but handmade shooting bags and horns and other accessories as well.

For those of you who aren’t reenactors, you’ll want to check out Red Dog Arms anyway! There is just so much neat stuff here.

As the owner and my husband, Jeremy, discussed, this time period was so important to the United States. It was more than the issue of slavery during The Civil War, but the question of states rights–what each individual state could and could not do on their own.

It was a pivotal point in our US history and absolutely changed everything. Here you can browse the fashions and furniture of the day! That’s in your face Indiana history!

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Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana

I was very impressed by the sheer variety of items. I am also now quite certain that 18th and 19th century life would so not be for me!

Toodle on over to Red Dog Arms in Madison, Indiana and enjoy one of the most interesting shops we’ve come across yet.

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Red Dog Arms
322 West Main Street
Madison,Indiana 47250

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