Bells Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana

Bells Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana

Get your pizza fix at Bell’s Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana.

This White County pizza parlor is where locals go to get great food!

Wolcott, Indiana: Bell’s Pizza

With a  homemade style pizza, Bell’s Pizza is a staple in Wolcott. Everyone knows everyone else at this mom and pop restaurant (which should be of no surprise).

But everyone knows something else of great importance–the existence of fantastic extras!

More than just pizza, there are also sandwiches, wings and ice cream at Bell’s Pizza. Oh, and there’s one of my other favorite things available:  appetizers!

Wolcott, Indiana Pizza Parlor

Bells Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana

Bells Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana

First of all, this is excellent pizza. I still don’t understand why folks settle for tasteless cardboard when there are such awesome mom and pop restaurants out there–like Bell’s.

little Indiana and family ordered a half and half pizza this time. One half with only cheese (Kid #2 and my choice) and one half with cheese and pepperoni (my husband, Jeremy, and Kid #1). Lots of yummy sounds all around!

But the star of the show (and what I couldn’t keep snackin’ on) are these fried puffs of pizza dough that taste like something right from the fair!

Dipped in cheese, oh these are good.

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Bells Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana

Bells Pizza in Wolcott, Indiana

This hometown staple is worth a look–and a taste. Don’t leave without trying some of those dough puffs.

Where else can you have the taste of fair season year round? Now that’s just awesome!

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Bell’s Pizza
100 South Range Street
Wolcott, Indiana 47995

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