Bub's Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana

Bub’s Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana Brisket

Commercial smokers are my new favorite thing because of the amazing, AMAZING food found at places like Bub’s Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana!

Smoked on-site, everything at this Jasper County restaurant is delicious–and homemade.

Bub’s Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana

Bub's Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana

Bub’s Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana Dilly Potato Salad

Arrive early to guarantee a shot at your favorite barbecue menu items–this Indiana town locale is hoppin’! Bub’s personal favorite is the BBQ Brisket.

Beating me to the punch, My husband, Jeremy, chose that as his dinner option (so it comes with two sides) while the kids and I went with the Pulled Pork Sandwich.

The sides are all homemade and wowza–it was a tough choice! The chalkboard menu is full of yummy things. Mexican corn, homemade Potato chips, potato salad, cowboy beans…there’s a lot of options!

DeMotte, Indiana Restaurant

Bub's Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana Exterior

Bub’s Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana Exterior

Kid #1 loved the Cowboy Beans. A sort of meaty chili full of beans, they had a slight kick that he couldn’t get enough of. I was surprised by how much he enjoyed the side dish.

My husband, Jeremy, and I fought over the Bourbon Fried Apples. Those would be so good on a cold Winter night–but let me tell you, they were absolutely fantastic on a warm Spring night!

But my favorite of all? The potato salad. I’m not usually all that big on potato salad. In fact, I usually skip it! It’s frequently so bland I just bypass it rather than risk disappointment. But Bub’s potato salad had so much flavor (oh the dill!) I ate the leftovers later that evening when no one was around. Sorry guys, it was me.

Go There

The owner, the “Bub” of “Bub’s BBQ” gets up and starts using his commercial smoker at 4 AM. You could say that’s dedication! Mom and pop restaurants don’t get any better than this. With an all homemade menu, you know it’s going to be fabulous. Head on over to Bub’s Barbecue in DeMotte, Indiana and check it out!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Bub’s BBQ
120 8th Avenue NE Ste 3
DeMotte, Indiana 46310

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