Exterior of Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana

Outside Shot of Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana

Get your pooch all decked out in Summer styles and find a place to beat the heat at Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana.

Step inside the doors of Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique–the only Jefferson County shop that gets your pet ready to play. This is a shop headed by someone who obviously loves dogs and aims to help you pamper your pooch in style.

Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique: Madison, Indiana

Bananas Foster. Vanilla and Honey Cookies. Cookie Melts. I imagine that our youngest son was confused a little. How could we browse a bakery and not try anything?

While those sweet treats certainly sound appetizing (and definitely look the part) they may be fresh from an Indiana bakery, but these sweet treats are made for dogs. You read that right. These bakery items go to the dogs.

In various shades and shapes and flavor combinations, these cute confections are something else.

Getting up close and personal, I can tell you that they smelled delicious. Human grade quality though they may be, I resisted the urge to give them the Little Indiana taste test.

That is good to know in case you bring home a bag of treats and your spouse or kid think it is for them. It’s been known to happen.

Madison, Indiana Dog Boutique

Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana

Dog Squeaky Toys at Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana

The entire store is devoted to man’s best friend. From outfits to food bowls, shampoos to toys, it’s full of neat items and essentials. There are name brands and unique items galore. When I saw there is everything, there is everything. It is the one-stop shop for dog owners. Convenient and amazing.

As you make your way through the shop, keep on walking to the back of the store. Head past the dog beds, the dog leashes, and toys, and go right through the back door. Yes, it’s okay. In fact, it’s encouraged. Give your dog a bit of a time out.

Take your furry friend to the backyard play area. Tunnels and bowls of water for your pet, a chair and a covered table for you, let everyone take a load off and relax or play for a minute. Is that thoughtful or what?

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Sweet Homemade Dog Treat from Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana

Bakery for Dogs: Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique in Madison, Indiana

This is the way pet shopping should be. Friendly folks, friendly dogs, and all the dog products you need to keep your VIP, Very Important Pup, happy and content.

Give it a look–and bring your dog. Leashed pets are always welcome at this large mom and pop business.

Follow the Blue Cerebus Dog Boutique on Facebook to keep track of special events, farmer’s markets appearances, spontaneous sales, and the latest adorable bakery items.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus. I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Blue Cerebus Dog Bakery
113 E Main Street
Madison, IN 47250
Please call ahead for store hours.
Blue Cerebus Bakery and Boutique for Dogs on Facebook


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