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Slow Cooker Smores Dip Recipe

Slow Cooker Smores Dip Recipe

I’ve been on a hunt for the best dessert dip recipes like this slow cooker S’mores Dip recipe! Not only has it been so hot that the mere thought of standing near an oven makes me want to start screaming but with this horrible Indiana drought, actual fires are currently illegal. What a drought it is.

Slow Cooker S’Mores Recipe

Grass is brown and decayed, the crops in the fields look so sad, and plants are wilting. We are all wilting under the non-stop, never-ending heat. Fortunately, we live in a 100+ year old Victorian-style home and, as long as we close the doors and windows around eight in the morning, our home stays pretty cool. Gotta love that kind of workmanship. Until even the nights become unbearable and don’t cool down. Anyway. Long story short: I love that I can have the taste of S’mores without the fire hazard with this slow cooker recipe for S’mores.

After a bit of fiddling, I’ve figured out how to make S’mores in the slow cooker. So now you can keep your kitchen cool, spend more time with your guests, and use one less dish. Let me tell you what, I think the prospect of less dishes to have to deal with makes it a “go” right there. Don’t you agree? I am a huge, huge fan of dessert dips for exactly that reason.

They take little time to make (if you don’t count the couple of hours that they need to chill), they are frequently a one bowl kind of undertaking, and they are so simple that they typically require ingredients already found in the every day kitchen. I’m sure there’s some dessert dips out there that are using bee pollen or dried wildflowers, fancy things I would not have readily on hand, but those that I have found are shockingly simple for how amazing they taste. If you aren’t on the dessert dip train yet, hop on board! They always receive a great response.

A History of S’Mores

How to Make Smores with the Slow Cooker

How to Make S’mores with the Slow Cooker (so you can have them any time of year)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines s’mores as “a sweet food that is made by putting a melted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two crackers.” That’s rather spot on. But what about the history of s’mores. Where did they come from? I think of S’mores as an American thing. In my mind, it is synonymous with Girl Scouts, sleepovers, and summer cook-outs with the neighbors. It’s one of those things that no one particularly needs to plan because everyone expect that, as long as there is a campfire, there will be s’mores.

Why wouldn’t we? Graham crackers, soft, puffy marshmallows, and squares of chocolate are all that are required. Those are items that frequently make a permanent home in our pantry in case of a “S’mores emergency.” Am I right or am I right? If there are no fancy skewers, we find sticks in the yard, like when we were kids. But digging into the history of S’mores a bit, I found that the origins of one of my favorite summertime treats, is closer to my personal ties than I thought.

My connection with s’mores and the Girl Scouts is surprisingly accurate. According to the Girl Scouts website, the first recipe for s’mores appeared in the 1927 book, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, crediting Loretta Scott Crew with the recipe. They were known as “Some Mores” in various scouting publications until around 1971. A Campfire recipe cookbook available in full on Google, A book of 150 recipes prepared with Campfire, the original food marshmallows, was also published in the 1920s, calling s’mores “graham cracker sandwiches.” The short recipe also mentions that they are a popular treat with scouts.

S’Mores Feel the Love

Smores Slow Cooker Recipe is Easy and Delicious

S’mores Slow Cooker Recipe is Easy and Delicious — and an excellent way to have your favorite snack all year round

At some point, the name was shortened to “S’mores.” Simple, just like the treat itself. But Moon Pies (1917) and Mallomars (1913) had long since been introduced to the market. Did they have a family member who was a member of the scouts, an organization that formed in 1912 (and now boasts 3 million members)? Did the companies come up with the chocolate and marshmallow combination over a campfire? You know that’s how the best recipes are often shared.

In fact, August 10 is National S’Mores Day and August 30 is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. I guess we all love our s’mores (and our ridiculous holidays to celebrate). The Hershey’s Company, the brand we consider synonymous with s’mores, shares that they sell enough chocolate each year to make 746 million s’mores. That’s a lot of chocolate. Combine it with the 90 million pounds of marshmallows we purchase a year, and you can see that we love our sweets. Graham crackers were originally created in 1829 by Rev. Graham–as a health food. Leave it to us to coat with with a layer of chocolate and  marshmallow.

But there’s far more flavors of s’mores than what we are creating in and out of our homes, even though folks have been adding in their own twists, like hazelnut spread or peanut butter cups for the chocolate, or Lorna Doone cookies for the crackers. S’mores pie, s’mores bars, s’mores cookies, ice cream, and so many more items have now reached grocery store shelves. S’mores are no longer a secret shared among campers, but a popular dessert item that graces the tables of some mighty fine restaurants in an alternate form.

Warm or cold, I’m a fan–although I sincerely enjoy this slow cooker s’mores dip recipe cold out of the fridge about midnight. Kid #1 likes it warm the best because it’s easier to spread and not so hard. Since it’s his birthday today (Happy Birthday kiddo!) I will let him win this time. This is from A Crafty Cook.

If you enjoy this recipe, I have other s’mores recipes to share. I have made s’mores pie, s’mores cookies, whoopie pies, and bars. Featuring that favorite trio of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker, they are all incredible, different ways to end a meal with a bang. Use the search bar  to find them all right here.

Best Dip Recipes: Slow Cooker S’Mores Dip

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