It’s easy to miss a little Indiana article here and there. I do update every day! But have no fear, the weekly recap is here!

Whew! It might be hot out there, but who said the fun had to end? Get a much-needed dose of blooming prettiness at Garden Station, tour around an Amish  farmhouse, and take a taste of my new favorite recipe: S’mores in Dip form! It’s so good, I need to put a lock on the fridge door.

If you think this week  was great–just wait until you see next week!

little Indiana Weekly Recap

Garden Station: Monticello, Indiana

Garden Station: Monticello, Indiana

Garden Station Images from Monticello, Indiana — Garden Station in Monticello, Indiana is a block of blooming, sweet-smelling, and leafy-green beauty!

Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana — Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana holds an actual Old Order Amish home and barn as well as other remnants of late 1800?s Amish life.

Best Dip Recipes: Slow Cooker S’Mores Dip — I’ve been on a hunt for the best dessert recipes like this S’mores Dip! With this horrible Indiana drought, I love that I can have the taste of S’mores without the fire hazard.

Sambo (Bethesda) Cemetery in Brownsburg, Indiana — little Indiana has walked a lot of Indiana cemeteries but few have had the feel of Sambo (Bethesda) Cemetery in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Paoli, Indiana: Orange County Courthouse — I love a good courthouse–and in Paoli, Indiana, you can’t miss stately Orange County Courthouse that seems to tower over the surrounding square.

Raders Fabric Images from Danville, Indiana — Wall to wall and floor to ceiling, I couldn’t believe how many different bolts of fabrics were in this one building. Raders Fabrics in Danville, Indiana is more than fabrics. We saw curtain rods and lace and ribbon too.

That’s All She Wrote!

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