West Point Steakhouse in Westpoint, Indiana

West Point Steakhouse in Westpoint, Indiana

West Point Steak House in Westpoint, Indiana is known around the area as “the” place to go for great steak. For a small Indiana town that’s close to the city of Lafayette, that’s good news to hear.

This Tippecanoe County restaurant has their own commercial smoker. What a difference that makes. It smells good inside and out.

I covered more about the restaurant in the previous article and shared how it is a great place for barbecue food. I touched on the fact that it is also a bar. Half of the restaurant, a very spacious, clean half, is devoted to family dining while there’s another section that’s a separate bar area.

Dessert at West Point Steak House

West Point Steakhouse in Westpoint, Indiana

West Point Steakhouse in Westpoint, Indiana

When I was a kid, whenever we ate out at any restaurant, cafe, or diner that had bread pudding on the menu, my mother always ordered it. Always.

The funny thing is: I never even tried it! I guess I thought it looked kind of strange. I have no idea. But, when our very nice server shared with us that they make the bread pudding themselves, I knew right away what I had to try. It was phenomenal. Now I see why my mom always liked it so much.

Our oldest was thrilled with the idea of an ice cream sundae. Wow, our server went all out with that one! That was really nice of her. It was enormous and looked fantastic. Whipped cream and a cherry. He needed a little help with that one. We gladly pitched in. You don’t need to ask me twice.

Time to Socialize

West Point Steakhouse in Westpoint, Indiana

West Point Steakhouse in Westpoint, Indiana

When a town is oh-so small, you know that everyone naturally congregates at the local bar. West Point Steak House features different nightly specials and even drink specials. I was not expecting to see a chocolate martini as the day’s special. That’s kind of fun!

We did not imbibe this time, but if we are ever in the area sans children, and want to check out the local nighttime scene, you can bet we will keep this one in mind.

To see what’s on the menu at West Point Steak House, please refer back to my original post (the link is above). But, of course, you should always call ahead to verify menu items and the restaurant hours. But you already knew that, right?

After we visited the spacious restaurant, we all agreed: this tiny town is lucky to have such a fantastic place to eat. From beginning to end, we were totally satisfied. You would never find a big box chain restaurant that would let you have a seat even though they weren’t technically open on one side. That’s one of the joys of Indiana town travel. People just care.

Another travel joy? Finding perfect places to eat without spending a fortune. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

West Point Steak House
4941 Washington Street
Westpoint, IN 47992

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