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Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville: Gourmet American

Bonge's Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana Exterior
Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana Exterior
Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana is in a town of less than 150 people.

What began as a hardware store in the 1830’s has been a popular Madison County dining destination since 1934–one taste and you’ll know why!

Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana

Bonge's Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana Tomato Soup
Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana World Famous Tomato Soup
We had no idea where Bonge’s Tavern was hiding! We went up one road and back-tracked down another. And then? I saw a tiny sign on a telephone pole with an arrow pointing the way! See what I mean about following signs with arrows? It always leads to good things!

Tucked away among  a group of houses and plenty of trees, Bonge’s Tavern is on a curvy road–and was it ever hopping! We were shocked to learn that on this particular Friday night there was a two hour wait time! Yes, this town of less than 200 people had a two hour wait time. Wrap your brain around that for a minute! That’s a sign of some really good food.

But folks don’t mind. Tailgating is a common sight in Bonge’s spacious parking lot. Everyone brings their own chairs, stocked coolers, and music and just hang out while they wait their turn. There’s even a port-a-potty in the parking area during the warmer months. No kidding. Bonge’s Tavern is for folks aged 21 and up.

Perkinsville, Indiana Restaurant

Bonge's Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana Duck
Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana Harger Duck
A simple chalkboard menu features changing items. Short and sweet, it was still so hard for us to decide! Should I get the Applewood Smoked Prime Rib or the Lamb Chops with Beluga Lentils? What about that Atlantic Char?

We started with their famed tomato soup and a side of the jalapeno corn bread. Oh–and crab cakes. Hey, we were hungry!

Knowing Hoosiers love of pork tenderloin sandwiches, Bonge’s Tavern features a non-sandwich spin: Perkinsville Pork–and my husband, Jeremy, claimed dibs. Now that was a fancy pork tenderloin! Delicious! I went with the Harger Duck: tender duck wrapped around jalapeno, bacon, and cream cheese. Served with wild rice and a potato casserole, you could say it was memorable! Wow!

That’s the thing about Bonge’s Tavern. Every single thing we ate was amazing. True to small town style we sat at vinyl tablecloth covered booths and enjoyed the lively conversation.

Go There

Now this is a popular place! I haven’t even gotten to the loveliness that was dessert. Once again, go with the small Indiana town flow and sit back, relax, and stay awhile. At Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana, it’s not only encouraged…it’s expected!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Bonge’s Tavern
9830 West 280 North
Perkinsville, Indiana 46011

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