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Copperhead Creek Gem Mine in Nashville is Old Fashioned Fantastic

Known as a grown-up shopping paradise, you can still find a bit of hands-on fun for all ages at Copperhead Creek Gem Mine in Nashville, Indiana!

Part of the Brown County Rock and Fossil Shop (keep watch for info about that one), it’s a great place for everyone to let loose.

Copperhead Creek Gem Mine in Nashville, Indiana

Copperhead Creek Gem Mining in Nashville, Indiana
Copperhead Creek Gem Mining in Nashville, Indiana

After repeating “Don’t touch! Don’t touch! Don’t touch!” while venturing in and out of so many amazing Brown County shops, our boys were more than ready to be kids for a moment. Copperhead Creek Gem Mine was the perfect answer.

Located right downtown, it’s easy to find. Just look for the water tower and sluice and you’ve found it. I think it has some kind of kid magnet inside of it. Our boys made a beeline right to it. Truth be told, my husband, Jeremy, and I were just as excited about it. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned gem mine?

You can get a bag or bucket of gem-laden sand. Then? Get to work! Pour or scoop the sand into the sifting pans and see what you can find. As you can see from the image to the right, even younger members can not only get involved–but have a lot of fun, too!

Nashville, Indiana Gem Mining

Copperhead Creek Gem Mining in Nashville, Indiana
Copperhead Creek Gem Mining in Nashville, Indiana

Our boys were thrilled by the gems that they uncovered. There’s not just itty bitty gems here. This is a gem mining that makes sure to include large hunks to seek and find. There are big chunks of Quartz, Amethyst, and (my favorite) even Fool’s Gold. There’s over many other different kinds of gems that you may find in your bucket or bag.

Kid #1 was very thorough. He carefully and thoughtfully picked through each pan to make sure he found even the tiniest flake of a gem while Kid #2 was in it for the big chunks. He didn’t care about the small stuff.

They went away with quite the full bags. It was awesome! Kid #1 couldn’t wait to go through and identify his loot.

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Set aside a bit of family bonding time at this great Brown County attraction. We “oohed” and “aahed” as much as the kids. There’s something supremely satisfying about poking through rocks and sand searching for gleaming gems. Let you and yours experience the thrill of treasure hunting too.

You can try your hand at panning for gems at Copperhead Creek Gem Mine in Nashville, Indiana until the water freezes. There’s plenty of time to get to this small Indiana town and get panning.

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Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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Copperhead Creek Gem Mining
79 N Van Buren Street
Nashville, IN 47448

Special thanks to Brown County Rock Shop/Coppperhead Creek Gem Mine for providing a bucket of mining rough. My opinions remain mine and mine alone. 

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