The Purple Fig in Nashville, Indiana is so full of creativity and fun that it just makes me happy being there. I think our boys felt the same way too. They looked around for far longer than I would have thought. It really held their attention. I’m sure the pieces that were made with fossils helped in that regard.

The Purple Fig Studio

The Purple Fig in Nashville, Indiana

The Purple Fig in Nashville, Indiana

Located in a section known as “Antique Alley,” this Brown County shop is a great fit. Only artists may occupy space here and, for a town that got its beginning as an artist colony, The Purple Fig is quaint, charming, and the perfect match.

It’s almost funny–folks seem to think that any art worth viewing is found only in big cities or overseas. And yet…how many amazing Indiana art galleries and shops have we visited so far? It’s mind blowing and makes me proud of our many art oriented small towns. Big city or small Indiana town, Hoosier artists rock.

There’s a lot here to represent a unique diversity among the artists, from barrettes and bracelets, magnets and bookmarks, to wall art and other related items. It is a sweet place for fun feminine accessories as well as bits and pieces of home decor that you will want (and can actually afford).

Crinoids in Jewelry

The Purple Fig in Nashville, Indiana

The Purple Fig in Nashville, Indiana Makes Jewelry

As I mentioned above, there were cute items crafted with fossils. Using crinoids, the owner of the Purple Plum had made several nice pieces that were very unexpected. I thought that was so clever. Crinoids, in case you don’t know, were a type of marine animal during the Paleozoic era.

They were a part of the phylum Echinodermata, the same grouping that includes starfish and sea urchins. It might be hard to imagine now, but the crinoids from long ago bore resemblance to a flower. They are commonly called “sea lilies.” I think that that is an interesting idea.

These had such great number, they were so numerous, that there are place where crinoids make up entire layers of limestone beds. Can you picture that? Although crinoids have since died out, they do have a modern ancestor. Today’s crinoid cousin, Articulata, are found in deeper waters.

At the Purple Plum, the owner has used crinoid fossils as beads. They have been hand-dyed to fit most any color palette. It’s a fantastic style element that makes good use of a common fossil.

Things to Do in Nashville, Indiana

This adorable studio is so light and fun. Pop into the Purple Plum and revamp your accessories with something that you just won’t find anywhere else. Your style doesn’t need to be cookie cutter. One visit to this Nashville, Indiana shop and you are almost guaranteed to find a way to update your home, or your look, with class.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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The Purple Fig
92 Franklin Street
Nashville, IN 47448

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