Sheep Street Fibers Martinsville Indiana Barn that Caught My Eye

Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana Barn that Caught My Eye

I noticed the sign for Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana and yelled, “Turn around! Turn around!” Although I couldn’t see much I liked what I saw: a field of cute, fuzzy sheep and a sign proclaiming that it was open.

It looked so picturesque–like something out of a magazine page about Ireland, I swear. All those rolling hills and sheep. Fortunately, my husband turned around. We made our way into the large, clean, and bright building.

Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana

Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana

Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana

Becoming more self-reliant seems to be a common Hoosier goal as of late. I’ve seen a few Indiana town shops that seem to really focus on this attitude of independence–and Sheep Street Fibers certainly helps you move along down that path.

At this neat Morgan County locale, it’s part shop and part attraction. These registered Shetland Sheep provide plenty of fibers (both natural and dyed) for spinning, weaving, knitting, and crocheting. There are Indiana-made fibers available here from the “Under the Son” farm. Sheep Street Fibers carries both their sport weight and fingering weight fibers. There are yarns from Breezy Manor Farm that uses wool from their farm to make the fibers.

When it comes to fair trade yarns, they carry quite a few.  From the Mountain Yarn Co., Manos de Uruguay, Casa Ursulina, and Recycled Silk Yarns. These companies help women in third world countries earn a living. They range from Afghanistan to Uruguay to Chile, Nepal, and Indonesia. It’s a hand-up, not a hand out.

But there’s more than items for sale (which does include the Shetland Sheep), there’s also classes. You’ll discover workshops available on subjects like combing, sock knitting, and silk weaving as well as spinning (to name a few). The line-up changes  so you will need to contact Sheep Street Fibers to find out the current classes.

Indiana Fibers Shop

Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana

Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana

This Morgan County fibers and more shop is quite the hub of industry. There’s a whole section of looms and spinning wheels, some with works in progress. With so much to see, feel, and explore, it kind of makes me think that even I “all-thumbs Indiana” can do it.

It’s really interesting to watch an Indiana weaver at work. It looks so easy and relaxing. It’s not, I know, at least when you are first learning, but they sure make it look that way. Kid #1 got to try his hand at spinning. He thought that was really neat and a lot harder to do than it appears.

Sheep Street Fibers couldn’t be set anywhere more lovely than this. Twenty acres of green, gentle hills give these sheep room to roam. Moose and Bandit, two giant dogs of that breed known as Great Pyrenees, guard the flock.

They might look big and tough, but judging from their wagging  tails, they know a friendly face when they see one. Inside, shop cat “Pirate” might be around to greet you. He’s a very nice kitty. Try not to start at his one eye. He’s sensitive about it. Kidding aside, he welcomes attention and is most likely found on his cozy felted cat bed.

Fiber Arts in Indiana

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Seeing people get back to their roots and learning these traditional arts is very uplifting! And, really, kind of inspirational. See what a visit to Sheep Street Fibers in Martinsville, Indiana can do for you. Add it to your itinerary for your next round of Indiana travel.

The latest news and fiber arts related information is shared on the Sheep Street Fibers Facebook Page. Follow along to find out all about the latest classes, new yarns, and latest techniques.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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Sheep Street Fibers
6535 Indiana 252
Martinsville, IN 46151

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