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Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia

Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia, Indiana
Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia, Indiana
Think there’s not any real entertainment in a small town? Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth for folks who live in and around Arcadia, Indiana and Hedgehog Music Showcase!

Performers come from far and wide to this lovely 100 plus year old building to put on a show.

Arcadia, Indiana: Hedgehog Music Showcase

Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia, Indiana
Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia, Indiana Previous Concert Posters
My husband, Jeremy, and I had the whole day to ourselves. We were eager to check out the town of Arcadia and see what was going on. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the eye-catching mural on the side of the building. Live music every weekend? Enter the problem: it wasn’t the weekend and Hedgehog Music Showcase was closed! Isn’t that the worst!

Luckily, we happened to bump into resident super-talented photographer Sally Wolf who has a phenomenal studio upstairs with loads of State Fair ribbons on them. I mean loads of blue ribbons! She ushered us inside and gave us the grand tour. What a tour it was.

Hedgehog Music Showcase is a venue that would make any small Indiana town proud! From the gleaming original wood flooring to the exposed brick everywhere and the piano waiting patiently in the corner, it is a gorgeous building.

Live Music Venue

Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia, Indiana
Hedgehog Music Showcase in Arcadia, Indiana
But as nice as this Hamilton County attraction may be, it’s the events held within that are really incredible.

This tiny town with just over 1500 residents. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its owner, this music venue has attracted big music names like George Cole and Eurocana,  Adrian Legg (voted guitarist of the decade by Guitarist Magazine), and even Grammy award-winners! That’s pretty big stuff for any town to be able to boast but I think it is a good example of the resilience of Arcadia residents. They are working hard on an arts initiative to bring people back to Arcadia.

Jazz or bluegrass, swing or country, it seems as though every music genre has graced the performance stage. With affordable ticket prices and on-site concessions, it’s a fantastic addition to downtown Arcadia. Don’t you just wish there was a Hedgehog Music Showcase venue in your town? I know I do.

Go There

Make plans to visit this one of a kind attraction for yourself. Hopefully, you can plan your trip better and catch a show! Arcadia, Indiana is such a unique little town. I can’t wait to see how it grows and changes in the years to come.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ‘em that  little Indiana sent you!

Hedgehog Music Showcase
101 W. Main Street
Arcadia, Indiana 46030

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