It’s easy to miss a little Indiana article here and there. I do update twice a day, every day! But have no fear, the weekly recap is here!

As we approach Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season, I feel the need to urge all of you to think local this holiday season! There’s so many amazing small town shops! You can find more than a few below. From a seafood restaurant to a bakery, a couple of Indiana antique shops and a resale shop, you can find everything you need right here in little Indiana.

If you thought this week was fun, just wait until you see next week!

little Indiana Weekly Recap

How To Make Fabric Covered Clothespins

How To Make Fabric Covered Clothespins

How To Make Fabric Covered Clothespins — I really wanted something to highlight the kids’ artwork, something that would hang over our chalkboard wall, and be relatively easy–I found the answer in fabric covered clothespins! Read More »

Key West Shrimp House in Madison, Indiana — For special milestones, events, or just for fun, locals flock to Key West Shrimp House in Madison, Indiana. It’s been serving the area since 1950–and we could certainly see why! Read More »

Images from Twice as Nice Retail Store in Medaryville, Indiana — After driving by Twice as Nice Retail Store in Medaryville, Indiana on two different occasions but without the break in my schedule that would let me pop in and poke around…I was beyond thrilled when I had a chance to step inside. Read More »

1879 Log Jail in Nashville, Indiana — In 1839, Nashville, Indiana wasn’t taking any chances when it came to prisoners and jail-time. Read More »

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp Recipe — I don’t always want to stick around in the kitchen to keep an eye on things so this Slow Cooker Apple Crisp recipe is certainly a keeper! Read More »

Nashville, Indiana: 1879 Log Jail

Nashville, Indiana: 1879 Log Jail

Best Muffin Recipes: Brown Sugar Muffins Recipe — There’s a lot of muffin recipes floating around little Indiana–but this recipe for Brown Sugar Muffins is now one of our new faves! Read More »

American Legion in Nappanee, Indiana: Architecturally Stunning — Roaming around downtown Nappanee, Indiana, little Indiana and hubs stumbled onto an amazing building: the local American Legion. Read More »

231 Antiques and More in Haysville, Indiana — In Haysville, Indiana, you can find a bit of everything at 231 Antiques and More. Read More »

Images from Cecil’s Pork ‘N More in Greensburg, Indiana — Before I started little Indiana, I never was the type of person to track down barbecue–until Cecil’s Pork ‘N More in Greensburg, Indiana! Read More »

Bowman Bakery: Hagerstown, Indiana

Bowman Bakery: Hagerstown, Indiana

Glorie Bee Antiques in Covington, Indiana — If you haven’t been to Covington, Indiana yet, you are missing out on phenomenal antique shops like Glorie Bees Antiques. Read More »

Bowman Bakery in Hagerstown, Indiana — Since May of 2009, Bowman Bakery in Hagerstown, Indiana transformed from a simple coffee and donuts stop to a homemade baked goods extravaganza! Read More »

Images from Friendship Bridge in Friendship, Indiana — Indiana bridges like Friendship Bridge in Friendship, Indiana really amaze me. To think that since 1909 people have been using this bridge is just mind-blowing, don’t you think? Read More »

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