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The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana: Dine in Train Cars

The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana
The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana
If you are ready to make dining an experience–pop inside The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana.

Yes, this Miami County restaurant would be the one with the attached train car!

The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana

Hoosiers and trains–how  many different train themed places have we visited so far? Yet, when it comes to The Siding, this Indiana town restaurant certainly holds its own. “Sidings” is a railway term–it’s a lighter weight, lower speed section of rail that connects to other rail or to other sidings. Confused, yet?

When you walk inside, you will notice a large buffet, manned while we were there by a very nice fellow, who is ready to slice off delicious cuts of prime rib for you. Make your way to the left, the general dining area, where you can find a seat.

On the other side of the restaurant (if you at least looked to the right), you would notice a dining train car! Yes, you can actually sit in them! On our visit, they didn’t have enough help to allow us to sit there but they did at least let us browse around inside. It is so neat! If it were me, I would probably close off the general dining area and have folks sit in here first! It’s just so unique!

Peru, Indiana Restaurant

The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana
The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana
Here’s where it gets a bit overwhelming: the menu is very large. Even though I’m not really a buffet type of person, my husband, Jeremy, and I decided to go with it. Every Saturday night boasts an incredible all you can eat Prime Rib buffet. Friday night is all you can eat seafood. I admit that part of my thought-process was very influenced by the included dessert buffet!

It was wonderful! Everything had flavor–it was not like the kind of buffet I’ve had in the past but then–this is little Indiana!

The service was phenomenal. Sure, it took a second for anyone to notice us when we walked in, but once we were seated, she was so accommodating and absolutely made our experience.

Our boys were pleased with what they had as well: shrimp for Kid #1 (you know how much he loves that!) and a hamburger for the youngest.

Go There

The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana
The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana
Let me say one thing: the dessert bar is amazing! Full of homemade items, you will love it. LOVE it! But that’s a story to share a different day…so stay tuned!

Look, I’ll be straight with you here. The Siding Restaurant in Peru, Indiana is a large place that felt a bit empty. I’d love to see this unique Miami County restaurant packed and hopping again! Let’s put it back on the map! You guys can help with that, right? I seriously can’t wait to return and I’d love to see this place regain its former glory because really, the food was awesome! Who’s with me?

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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The Siding Restaurant
8 West 10th
Peru, Indiana 46970

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  1. This makes me so sad, sad, sad. I was really hoping that place would make a big come-back!

  2. Sad, sad, sad. The Siding is closed/is closing. They’re having an auction to get rid of their stuff in just a few days….

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