A Very Hoosier Holiday

A Very Hoosier Holiday

Today begins A Very Hoosier Holiday, a guest blogging extravaganza right here on little Indiana!

Anyone is welcome to participate as long as they follow one important rule: the post must pertain to winter or the holiday season. Prepare to read an awesome variety of seasonal postings over the month of December.

Mari L Barnes, writer extraordinaire will kick things off for A Very Hoosier Holiday! You may remember her from her latest Featured Indiana Blogger stint recently. Take it away, Mari!

Post-Thanksgiving Day 24-Hour Sale at Macy’s

I know I look good and I’m really so proud.
I’m the first one they’ll see; I’m in front of the crowd!
Combed Egyptian cotton, hand-dyed sage green,
Trimmed in lace from Scotland. I’m the finest ever seen.
Well, I won’t be here long, won’t be hanging around.
Wait! What is she doing? She’s marking me down!

Still hanging here and I’m really quite bored.
Someone better buy me; I won’t be ignored!
Ooh, those women fighting for the gown by Dior
Just knocked a poor gentleman down to the floor!

For twelve hours now, the stampede hasn’t slowed.
My buttons are dingy; this morning they glowed.
I’ve been handled and wrinkled; I feel so abused.
Is that me in the mirror? I look like I’m used!

It’s all over now, the first pre-Christmas rush.
And I’m still hanging here; I’ve been mangled and crushed.
There was pulling and kicking and ripping and swearing.
Thought I’d be the gift that some star would be wearing.
Now, she’s coming my way with a rack and a box.
No! She’s throwing me in with the overstock!

Holiday Fun

This holiday shopping silliness was brought to you by someone who plans to shop small this holiday season. I’ve earmarked 50% of my gifting budget to small businesses this year. Please join me in supporting local business owners.

About Mari:
ML Barnes is the pen name of Mari L Barnes, author and owner of Flying Turtle Publishing. Aside from a short time when she wanted to be a cowboy, an oceanographer, a farmer and a teacher, her only true ambition was to be a writer. She has two children, two grandchildren and lives with The World’s Greatest Husband in Hammond, Indiana. She envisions a future of penning delightfully entertaining best-sellers from her office in a tree house overlooking a river (sometimes it’s a lake or an ocean).

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