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little Indiana Weekly Recap 11/25/2012 — 12/01/2012

It’s easy to miss a little Indiana article here and there. I do update twice a day, every day! But have no fear, the weekly recap is here!

Here we are in December already! How exactly did that happen? This week was fantastic! The biggest of big news: little Indiana has produced a magazine! You can find this quarterly product in print or electronic form. From a BBQ joint to a small town toy shop and gift shops plus another Featured Indiana Blogger, well, I think I can use the word “stellar” and get away with it.

If you think this week was great, just wait until you see what’s in store for you next week!

little Indiana Weekly Recap

Bernie's BBQ: Morgantown, Indiana
Bernie’s BBQ: Morgantown, Indiana

Tyson Auditorium in Versailles, Indiana — Versailles, Indiana has a couple of absolutely really amazing buildings–and Tyson Auditorium is definitely on that list. Read More »

Bernie’s Barbecue: Morgantown, Indiana — When we asked locals in Morgantown, Indiana where to eat in the area, they were quick to point out Bernie’s Barbecue. Read More »

Images from the Switzerland County Courthouse in Vevay, Indiana — little Indiana loves a good courthouse–and Switzerland County Courthouse in Vevay, Indiana is one you’ll want to see. Read More 

Spinach Parma Pie: Easy and Festive Holiday Side — When I was a kid, I didn’t request Green Bean Casserole, I requested Spinach Parma Pie. A holiday recipe from my mother, this appeared at every Christmas meal–if I had my way, of course! Read More »

Romney Toy Shop in Romney, Indiana — Romney Toy Shop in Romney, Indiana is proof that very big and wonderful things come in small packages. Read More »

Images from Lynn’s Restaurant in Roann, Indiana — Lynn’s Restaurant in Roann, Indiana has been a part of the town for so long that locals probably can’t remember a time when they didn’t pop in and enjoy a tasty patty melt. Read More »

Enchanted Sleigh: Centerville, Indiana
Enchanted Sleigh: Centerville, Indiana

The Enchanted Sleigh in Centerville, Indiana — You should know that Enchanted Sleigh in Centerville, Indiana is not a holiday shop. The next thing you should know is that it is full of great gifts and home decor! Read More »

Images from Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana — There are all sorts of neat things to discover around the state, like Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana. Read More »

Romney Toy Shop: Romney, Indiana
Romney Toy Shop: Romney, Indiana

Blind Melon: Richard Shannon Hoon Grave in Dayton, Indiana — Dayton, Indiana holds a claim to fame as the childhood home of Blind Melon’s Richard Shannon Hoon. Read More »

Images from Roslyn’s Corner Gift Shop and Antiques in Paoli, Indiana — Look for the wonderfully decorated store window in Paoli, Indiana and chances are you have found yourself in front of Roslyn’s Corner Gift Shop and Antiques. Read More »

Indiana Blogs: Mari Barnes Writes — Indiana Blogger ML Barnes Writes is that peek inside of a writer’s mind that you’ve always wanted. You know, in case mine isn’t enough. Read More »

That’s All She Wrote!

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