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little Indiana Weekly Recap 12/22/2012 — 12/29/2012

It’s easy to miss a little Indiana article here and there. I do update twice a day, every day! But have no fear, the weekly recap is here!

I hope your week was filled with lights and music and frosting-covered cookies like mine. This week we highlighted another Featured Indiana Blogger, checked in with previous Hoosier bloggers, drooled over images from a yummy bakery, celebrated Christmas and my birthday (the day after), and baked up a great appetizer and delicious dessert that would be a lovely addition to any New Year’s Eve party! Whew!

If you think this week was something, just wait until next week–and next year!

little Indiana Weekly Recap


little Indiana on PBS: Madison, Indiana
little Indiana on PBS: Madison, Indiana

Images from Peacock Perch Antiques and Books in Rossville, Indiana — Hey book lovers, are you ready for Peacock Perch Antiques and Books in Rossville, Indiana? They’ve got a nice wall in the back of their shop that is FULL of books! Read More »

Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Blog Updates from Around the Web 12/22/2012 — 12/29/2012 — I thought it would be fun to highlight one article each week from the Hoosier bloggers you know and love. You know, previously Featured little Indiana Bloggers! Read More »

little Indiana on PBS: Madison, Indiana — Catch my tips for a great Madison, Indiana trip on PBS’ The Weekly Special or watch it below. Read More »

Apple Pie Bites Recipe or Handheld Apple Pie — Think of Apple Pie Bites like a hand-held apple pie. But instead of pastry entirely closing the apple and filling, it’s basically just a cinnamon and sugar covered apple with pastry twisted around. Read More »

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls Appetizer Recipe — Many long years ago, I started copying recipes out of my mother’s cookbooks. This recipe for Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls is one that I copied down–but didn’t get around to trying it until recently! Read More »

Today, It’s All About Me! — Some kids grow up hearing great stories of their birthdays, but for me, my dad liked to begin with, “You put us in so much debt, kid!” Read More »

Dear Santa
Dear Santa

Merry Christmas little Indiana — Since it’s Christmas, and, you know, my blog–I figured I can get away with a post like this today. For any uninterested party, we will be back to regular programming tomorrow. Sort of. Read More »

Images from Johns Bakery and Cafe in Monticello, Indiana — Arrive early to Johns Bakery and Cafe in Monticello, Indiana or you may find yourself out of luck–at least when it comes to their inventive donut varieties! Read More »

Indiana Blogs: Something Monumental — Indiana blog Something Monumental is chock full of artsy fun: photography, handmade jewelry, and DIY kind of fun! Read More »

That’s All She Wrote

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