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Itty Bitty Acres in Converse

Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana Seasonal Decor
Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana Seasonal Decor
Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana is the type of shop that makes for really good browsing!

This Grant County gifts and home decor shop has more nooks and crannies than you will believe–and each and every one of them are packed with pretty things for the home.

Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana

Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana
Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana Home Decor
Once the site of a children’s clothing store, the owner of Itty Bitty Acres occasionally receives confused foot traffic.

She jokes that her business name probably doesn’t help–but it really fits the character of her lovely decor-oriented shop (and was part of her branding before she purchased the brick and mortar downtown location).

It’s a country decor lover’s dream! Think primitive decor and folk art and seasonal fun stuff.

It’s a shop that has a lot of rooms, each one containing a different theme. Keep wandering the rooms of this Indiana town shop and you’ll bump into gift items, country decor, candles, and a whole lot of gardening stuff, too!

Converse, Indiana Gift Shop

Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana Exterior
Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana Exterior
Itty Bitty Acres is so artfully arranged you just kind of feel like you need one of everything, ya know?

Owls, snowmen, country garland, throw pillows, and plenty more cover this Grant County shop. One of those owls almost went home with me. Should have come home with me.

She’s got big plans, too–by Spring, Itty Bitty Acres hopes to boast at having the largest selection of fairy gardening decor in the state!

We peeked at the work in progress and so far? So good! There’s a whole slew of fairy items already–and she’s not only got more to unpack but way more on the way.

Go There

If you need a gift or to freshen up your home decor, you won’t go wrong with a visit to Itty Bitty Acres in Converse, Indiana.

It’s a phenomenal addition to a quaint downtown. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Itty Bitty Acres
102 North Jefferson Street
Converse, Indiana 46919

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