Harriet's Knit Knook: Madison, Indiana

Harriet’s Knit Knook: Madison, Indiana

As little Indiana and family stepped inside Harriet’s Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana, I think we all said our own take on the word “Nice!”

It is wall to wall knitting supplies at this Jefferson County fibers shop–and then some!

Harriet’s Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana

Who knew that yarn could come in such a variety of shades, from every day to specialty yarns? It was really amazing.

My husband, Jeremy, did a quick loop and headed back outside of the large Indiana fiber shop with Kid #2. The little one didn’t share our enthusiasm when it comes to looking at the fuzzy yarn and not touching.

Kid #1 really liked looking at all the colors. The rows and shelves and baskets of colors! It was like a soft, fluffy version of crayons–there were just so many colors! It really amazes him to see finished works and to think that people made these items all by themselves–and not machines.

Madison, Indiana Fibers Store

Harriet's Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana

Harriet’s Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana

There’s a definite move of Hoosiers getting back to their roots, of learning how to be more self-sufficient, and less dependent on everyone for every little thing in Indiana towns.

What’s more, folks can get involved in classes and learn to create things that range from small sweaters to scarves to wine bottle hats. At this Jefferson County yarn shop, there’s a lot going on!

Although knitting may be the center of it all, there’s other fiber arts supplies located here as well like crocheting supplies, patterns and books, highlighters, tape measures, and more.

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Harriet's Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana

Harriet’s Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana

You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort for a bit of independence or a relaxing new hobby.

Shops like Harriet’s Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana certainly will aid those in their quest for self-sufficiency and will help the rest of us turn out a styling end result!

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Harriet’s Knit Knook
103 E Main Street
Madison, Indiana 47250

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