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Indiana Blogs: Marian Allen

This marks another addition to the regular feature here at little Indiana: Indiana Blogs! If you are an Indiana Blogger, please use the contact form and send me an email. You may be featured right here on little Indiana.

Indiana Blogs: Marian Allen

Indiana Blogs: Marian Allen

Marian Allen is an Indiana blog but this time, she’s not only a blogger, she’s a writer who writes!

Humorous and insightful, I’m always drawn into her blog and especially the character prompts at the end of each one–and I don’t ever write anything with characters! See? That’s just how clever Marian is.

For aspiring writers or those who are already knee deep into their first (or fifteenth) novel, poem, or short story, this is for you! For those who like to begin their day with a giggle and a sometimes-peek into small town life, this is for you, too.

Indiana Blogs: Marian Allen

Why did you start Marian Allen the Blog?
I started blogging January 11, 2008 on a free WordPress site as a way to introduce myself to the experience. In July of 2010, I started my self-hosted blog (my current one) as a way to showcase my writing.

What about that name? Why Marian Allen?
Marian Allen is my name;
Writing fiction is my game.
My blog’s about my interests, see,
And so I named it after me.

What are three of your most favorite posts?

  • Always Working is one of my first posts on my current blog. It makes a statement I still stand by: A writer is ALWAYS WORKING.
  • I’ve done several interviews with my characters, but Bud Blossom is probably the one I enjoy most. Don’t tell Bud; he’s too full of himself as it is.
  • A couple of years ago, the Louisville Fandom Fest added a Literary Track and I was lucky enough to get into it. On the downside, the venue left a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, we persevered, and this post came out of it.

What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
I think I’m OCD.

No, seriously, if I don’t post EVERY DAY, I start forgetting to post at all. So I’ve formed a sort of friendship with posting. Every morning, I get up and say hello to the world. Sometimes people say hello back, and that makes me SO HAPPY!

The discipline of blogging every day has boosted my productivity in my fiction writing. And I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogging and blog-hopping. It’s been beneficial in every way for me.

You write–a lot! Have you always been a writer or is it something you just fell into?
I’ve always loved being read to. When I was little, I thought everything printed was handed down to us like the Bible. When I found out people write things NOW, that was all I wanted to do.

You know the old “deserted island” game. If you could only choose five books to bring with you, what would they be?

1. How To Survive On A Deserted Island

2. Big fat blank book with never-ending pen

3. Life of Pi by Yann Martel

4. Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing Of The Dog) by Jerome K. Jerome

5. Gormenghast Trilogy (or just Gormenghast) by Mervyn Peake

You run a lot of regular features on Marian Allen–what can folks expect on different days of the week?
Monday: Writers and writing
Wednesday: Food
Friday: Recommendations
Saturday: Caturday
Sunday: Samples (flash fiction, poetry, excerpts)

That leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays open for nonsense. 🙂

Is there anything else that you would like little Indiana readers to know about you or your blog?
I love where I live: in the country outside a small town.

Sometimes I visit and post about country life or small town life, or about my visits to other small towns — or visits to big towns. Little Indiana is just the kind of web site I like! I’m so glad Leslea Tash introduced us!

Slice of Life

See what I mean? She’s so funny! Thanks to Marian for taking time out from her writing to share her world with us today!

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Jessica Nunemaker is the Owner of Little More than a website, Little Indiana is a book, "Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations" (IU Press) awarded first place in the "Best in Indiana Journalism for a Nonfiction Book" by the Indiana Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Little Indiana is also a bi-monthly newspaper column in a local paper and a PBS segment on the former Emmy award-winning program, "The Weekly Special."


  1. Jessica Nunemaker March 8, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    I look forward to meeting BOTH of you, too! 🙂 I’ll be there–it’s not every day a small town bookstore hosts such a big event!

  2. Molly Daniels February 18, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Awesome interview Marian:) Looking forward to meeting you next month!

  3. Marian Allen February 17, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Thanks for the feature and interview, Jessica! I hope we get to meet face-to-face sometime. I have a feeling we’d laugh so hard we’d clear the room. 🙂

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